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RV Road Trip | Florida Theme Parks

Family Friendly Florida Theme Parks Road Trip

Florida is a beautiful vacation destination. The state has amazing beaches, fun waters and lots of recreation. In addition to being a great beach vacation, Florida is filled some of the best theme parks in the country. Amusement park enthusiasts can plan a grand road trip in Florida to enjoy the theme parks, the beaches, the recreation and much more.

Theme park travelers can either start or finish the trip in Orlando, where most of the best parks are located. Tampa Bay, also has some great theme parks. These two destinations are a must for any theme park enthusiast. After having a chance to enjoy all of the thrills of the ride, visitors can road trip over to Cocoa Beach and the Florida coast to enjoy the beautiful beaches and fun water recreation.

Road Trippers can start in Tampa Bay, where they will find Busch Gardens. This park is about the rides, and also has beautiful grounds. Busch Gardens has great themed exhibits at the Jungala exhibit, where visitors can see animals, and can take a safari across the Busch Gardens Serengeti Plains. After enjoying the fun, family friendly exhibits, road trippers can go experience thrills on the awesome rides. This park has a floor-less dive coaster that goes 200 feet into the air, there is also a huge wooden roller coaster that travels at awe-inspiring speeds and many more.

After taking in all of the thrills and family oriented fun at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, theme park enthusiasts can travel east toward Orlando. Orlando is filled with theme parks to explore. Visitors will find SeaWorld, Universal Studios and Walt Disney World. Each of these parks are major destinations for entire family vacations. All three have their own unique themes and attractions that pull visitors. Each of these destinations is a must for amusement park fans.

SeaWorld is, as its name suggests, a marine themed park. Visitors can enjoy watching shows with the park’s resident marine life. At SeaWorld, visitors get to help feed the dolphins, touch marine animals that they may never see in the wild. Children love the opportunity to see real marine animals performing their shows with their handlers. In between shows, visitors to SeaWorld can ride all of the water and marine themed rides.

Orlando is also home to Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Universal has rides that allow visitors to experience some of the fun and thrills of their favorite Universal Films. Universal Studios Florida has shows and rides, all based off of some of your favorite TV shows and movies. Visitors will be able to experience rides based on E.T., The Mummy, Men In Black and many more.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure is another exciting park filled with fun and thrill packed themed rides. Children will absolutely love the themed section devoted to Harry Potter adventures. Other rides focus on everyone’s favorite super heroes, Jurassic Park and many more amazing themes and rides that will really bring these films to life.

Of course, no true theme park destination would be complete without a Walt Disney theme park. Walt Disney World is one of the best theme parks in the world. Although not the original Disney theme park, Walt Disney World is packed with everyone’s favorite Disney characters and best rides. This theme park is composed of a variety of different parks, including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and more. Visitors to Walt Disney World will love all of the rides and shows and the park is always adding to the wide range of thrilling rides.

After spending as much time as necessary to ride all of the amazing rides at Orlando’s top theme parks, road trippers may want to continue on to Cocoa Beach. Spending some time at the beach, enjoying outdoor recreation and more is a good way to unwind after spending days among the crowds and excitement of the amusement parks. Florida’s Space Coast, as it is known, has many outdoor attractions that even theme park fans will love. Nearby attractions include the Kennedy Space Center, the Canaveral National Seashore, and more.

Florida is a state filled with amazing vacation destinations. It is home to the Everglades and the Florida Keys. The state also has an amazing collection of world-class theme parks. Visitors to Florida can easily spend days and weeks enjoying all of the rides at the many theme parks in Florida. These parks have everyone’s favorite super heroes and movie characters, in addition, the rides bring to life some excellent films and TV shows.

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