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Road Trip | Ohio Attractions


Ohio Road Trip | Covered Bridges, Football & Rock ‘N Roll

Ohio is a fantastic state to spend some time exploring. Visitors will find all sorts of interesting destinations, some historic, others great for recreation and much more. For those visitors that are interested in the weird and whacky destinations of Ohio, here are a few great options.

American Sign Museum
The American Sign Museum is the only sign museum in the country and is a great place to stop and learn all about the history and manufacture of signage in the country. The museum’s exhibits include a wide variety of signs including neon signs, historic signs before neon, exhibits on the history and manufacture of signs and much more.

Jungle Jim’s International Market
Jungle Jim’s International Market is a fascinating destination all by itself, which is filled with different statues and animatronic attractions. There are also large outdoor sculptures and attractions, including a sea serpent and a monorail. Visitors have to stop at the restroom at Jungle Jim’s, which was voted “America’s Best Restroom.” Each entrance to the restroom is a porta-potty, but inside there are real restrooms.

National Construction Equipment Museum
Those visitors to Ohio interested in learning about the history of construction equipment should stop in at the National Construction Equipment Museum in Bowling Green. Visitors can explore the indoor exhibit which is filled with restored machines, which show the history of all different types of construction equipment. Another interesting function of the museum is the restoration shop, where volunteers come together to restore some fascinating historic machines.

Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame
Ohio is filled with Halls of Fame, this fabulous Hall of Fame option is located in Cleveland is an ideal spot to enjoy learning about the history and evolution of rock and roll. Visitors to the museum are greeted by the distinct architecture of the museum, including an amazing glass pyramid. The museum’s exhibits are filled with iconic pieces of Rock and Roll history, including items from Michael Jackson to John Lennon and many more.

Pro Football Hall of Fame
Another of Ohio’s Halls of Fame, the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton is a great destination to learn all about the sport of Football. This museum presents visitors with information on some of the best Pro Football players in the history of the sport, as well as information on the history of football and much more.

American Classical Music Hall of Fame
Located in Cincinnati, this Hall of Fame recognizes and honors all different aspects of American classical music. This includes those who have made a significant contribution to classical music. The exhibits located in Memorial Hall are not open for tours, but are a great attraction to enjoy while attending an event at Memorial Hall, which is home to the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra.

World’s Shortest Street
Located in Bellefontaine, McKinley Street is known as the World’s Shortest Street. Although the title has been claimed by an even shorter street, McKinley Street is 15 feet long, making it an interesting attraction for those looking for the weird and whacky. Interestingly enough, Bellefontaine is also home to the “World’s Oldest Concrete Street,” which is located on Court Avenue. Today there is a statue of the creator of concrete on the street, which no longer has car traffic.

Zanesville “Y” Bridge
Bridge enthusiasts have to visit the “Y” Bridge in in Zanesville. Although this bridge design is not the only of its kind in the world, it is an unmistakable “Y” shape that makes for an interesting attraction. The bridge in Zanesville spans the Muskingum and Licking Rivers. Visitors should be sure to explore this interesting Ohio attraction.

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