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Road Trip | Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Celebrate Spring Visit the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival


Spring in the Skagit Valley is a truly beautiful time of year. The area is lush and green, like most of northwestern Washington, but the Skagit Valley is a special destination this time of year. Throughout the region fields of Tulips begin to bloom, creating beautiful vistas throughout the area. Each year, in celebration of this beauty the region has the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

This tulip festival is held each year during the month of April. It is during this time of year that the fields of tulips begin to bloom and car tourists can drive through the region to see these many fields. In addition throughout the festival there are fun events and plenty of attractions to visit.

Tulips in this region are actually a crop, that farmers raise. During the month of April visitors and residents alike can see these beautiful fields and also learn about the region’s agriculture. The tulip fields cover hundreds of acres of agriculture land in the Skagit Valley, from Anacortes south to La Conner and east to Mount Vernon. In addition to the tulips, visitors can also see beautiful fields of daffodils as well. Visitors can plan a trip through the region by looking at this convenient Field Map.

Travelers can start their trip at the Tulip Office in Mount Vernon, which has plenty of information for Tulip Festival visitors. Travelers can spend some time exploring the different tulip farms located in this region to determine which ones to visit and which they would prefer to just look at. Some of the growers like Roozengaarde have display gardens which are fantastic for photos. There are also options for purchasing tulips and other varieties of flower. Tulip Town is also open through the month and has gifts as well as tulips and activities.

While enjoying the scenery of the Skagit Valley travelers can also enjoy a variety of other attractions and events throughout the area. There is an Annual Tulip Run, which covers 2 or 5 miles. Another option for visitors is to sign up for a tour of the historic homes in the region. The Skagit Valley also has wonderful wineries, with tasting rooms, great for a stop during the trip. If travelers visit Anacortes they can take a detour to the beautiful San Juan Islands. Another fantastic outdoor destination is Deception Pass State Park. Visitors to the Skagit Valley will also find that there are museums, helicopter tours and plenty of options for shopping.

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is a great opportunity to explore this beautiful region of Washington, when it is at its most beautiful. Visitors can enjoy views of the stunning tulip fields, and even come home with some tulips of there own. While enjoying these wonderful vistas visitors can also enjoy all of the culture and activities that the region has to offer throughout the year.

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