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Road Trip | Yosemite Valley

Hit the Road for an RV Camping Road in the Yosemite Valley


The Yosemite Valley is filled with wonderful destinations. Many of these destinations offer amazing opportunities for recreation, wildlife viewing and much more. The region is best known for the wonders of Yosemite National Park, but there are many more destinations within the region. All of these factors make it a great option for a road trip.

Mono Lake
This lake is a beautiful destination in the Yosemite Valley. It is one of the oldest lakes in the the Western Hemisphere. It is also a very unique and important ecosystem in the region. The lake has suffered environmental damage over time, however now the Mono Lake Committee has been and is working to improve the environmental condition of the lake and the flora and fauna within the region.

Mono Lake is a beautiful lake and region. The lake and surrounding region are home to a wide variety of plants, animals, birds and more. The area is unique because it is an area of transition between the Sierra Nevadas and the Great Basin Desert. Visitors have many options for experiencing the wonders of Mono Lake.

As the lake is sensitive habitat there are many guided tours and options for learning about the region. There are walks led by naturalists, which are very informative and present a great opportunity to learn about the lake. Visitors can also explore the lake by kayak or canoe, and there are even guided canoe and kayak tours of the lake. Another fantastic opportunity for exploring this beautiful area is to take one of the sours of the South Tufa grove. There are sunset tours as well as daily guided walks and cross country ski options during the winter.

Another fantastic Yosemite Valley destination is Devils Postpile National Monument, which is located just south of Mono Lake.

Devils Postpile National Monument
The Devils Postpile is an amazing geological formation. It is a formation of columnar basalt, and it has columns that stand at 60 feet high. In addition visitors can also enjoy views of Rainbow Falls, which are over 100 feet high. Within this park there are a multitude of activities to take part in, from hiking in the summer to snowshoeing in the winter.

Devils Postpile National Monument covers almost 800 acres and is filled with activities. However, visitors should keep in mind that its location in the middle of the Eastern Sierras, means that it gets extreme winter weather and the park is closed throughout the winter. Throughout the remainder of the year, when the park is open there are many enjoyable activities and plenty of stunning views.

Visitors to this national monument can spend some time hiking on the parks 8 miles of trails. These trails range from easy to difficult and allow visitors to see the parks most amazing sights.  The Devils Postpile itself is only .4 miles hike from the trail head, and the trail continues so that hikers can reach the top of the Postpile. Visitors can also hike to see Rainbow Falls, which is a 2.5 mile hike on way to reach the falls from the Ranger Station. Other hiking destinations within the park include Minaret Falls and the Ansel Adams Wilderness.

Within this national monument travelers can also enjoy fishing in the San Joaquin River, which is a designated Wild Trout River. It is a great spot for those interested in fishing at any level, from the most inexperienced to the most experienced anglers. In addition the park also has fishing at Sotcher and Starkweather Lakes.

Beyond hiking and fishing visitors can enjoy wildlife watching, road biking on the road into the Red’s Meadow Valley, mountain biking on the Starkweather Trail and much more. Mountain bikers should know that mountain biking within the park is prohibited except on the Starkweather Trail and is limited to a specific time period during the year. In addition there are many winter activities. Although the park is closed to vehicles during the winter it offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy backcountry activities, such as cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Winter recreation in Devil’s Postpile National Monument does require skill in winter and avalanche safety.

The Yosemite Valley is a beautiful destination. Beyond the popular Yosemite National Park, visitors can enjoy some of the regions other fascinating destination. Mono Lake is an amazing spot to learn about some of the regions sensitive and unique ecosystems and Devils Postpile National Monument protects one of the countries amazing geological formations.

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