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Frisbee Golf

Playing Golf, with your Frisbee?

Frisbee Golf, sometimes known as disc golf, is the delightful blend of Frisbee and golf, just like the name suggests. The idea of mixing golf and Frisbee seems slightly ridiculous, and how does it even work? The first time I was invited to play Frisbee golf I had no idea what to expect. I ended up having a relaxing day tossing a Frisbee around, trying to get it into the baskets positioned around the park.

Disc golf is played on a course, like golf, with baskets or markers spread out around the course. Each basket is like a hole in golf. The object is to toss the disc into the basket or at the marker in as few tosses as possible. For scoring purposes, many disc golf courses have a par rating. Like in golf, these numbers help players determine how difficult a course is before starting.

Another similarity Frisbee golf has with regular golf is the equipment. It may seem strange that Frisbee golf equipment could possibly be similar to golf equipment, but the general idea is similar. You can get different types of discs for each type of shot. There are discs for long shots, medium shots; you can even get a putter. Some of the discs are larger, and heavier, and each type is a different size, weight and shape. Every disc has a specific purpose for which it was designed; the size and shape differences make each disc optimal for a certain type of toss. Serious disc golfers have a full set of discs, just like golfers have a full set of clubs. Infrequent players don’t need to get all of the different discs. One regular Frisbee will work. Unlike golf where you use a club to whack a ball, you simply toss the disc in Frisbee golf; your disc is both club and ball.

Many of Frisbee golf courses are located at parks, and most are free. This makes Frisbee golf a very accessible sport. People who love disc golf have their favorite course. As you begin to experience disc golf, you too can determine which course best suits your style and level. This game is a great group activity. You can get big groups of friends together to play for an afternoon like you would if you were planning on playing simple Frisbee. If your local Frisbee golf course is at a park, you can plan a picnic and make disc golf your group activity. As you play, you will take a nice tour of the area around the park as you travel from basket to basket.

If the park or campground near you doesn’t have an established course, you can still play a “pick up” game.  Just gather your friends and their Frisbees and set the markers as you go along.  For instance, the first hole might be a tall pine tree; the second might be a bench or picnic table; the third a colorful bush; and so on.  Just make sure there aren’t any people in the way and that everyone agrees on the hole.  Then have at it!

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