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Baja Camping

Baja Camping

Are you ready to kick back and relax?  Baja camping is all about taking it easy, soaking up the sun and sand, and not letting your worries get in the way of having a great time.  Even if your weather isn’t quite Baja-hot yet, you can still get into the spirit of a southern beach escape by donning the right mental attitude.
Look the Part
Start your Baja-inspired trip off right by dressing to fit the part.  You’ll want comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, comfortable shorts, and a big floppy hat to keep the sun out of your eyes.  Flip flops or sandals are a must.  And don’t forget the shades and the sunscreen! 

Equip Your Camp
A proper Baja campground needs a few key things.  You’ll want to bring at least one hammock, plenty of beach towels, and a cooler with lots of cold drinks.  If you can, string up a big tarp or tent rain fly and cover the area beneath it with mattresses, inflatable pads, pillows, and beach towels.  You’ll be shady, dry, and warm as you lounge under your very own camp-style beach umbrella. 

Eat Fresh
If you were camping in Baja, you’d want to eat the freshest possible foods.  You’d want fresh-caught fish and crabs, freshly squeezed limes in your margaritas, and tortillas that are still hot off the griddle.  Even if you aren’t in Mexico, you don’t have to scrimp on freshness.  Just ask your campground hosts if there are farmer’s markets nearby or if the area you’re visiting boasts any delicious specialties.  You might find the best crawdads or BBQ or cinnamon rolls anywhere in the country! 

Plan Plenty of Down Time
The key to kicking back at the beach is to schedule plenty of relaxation time.  This is time that’s completely unscheduled, when everyone in the family can do exactly what they please.  They can lie in the hammock reading a book, run and play on the sand, take a hike, or just settle back for an afternoon nap.  Be sure to bring games and books with you so everyone can find something to do.  Then settle back and see what fun can be had when there’s no planned agenda.

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