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Camping and RVing in Red Rock Country

Red Rock Country

Red Rock Country is the stunningly beautiful area surrounding Sedona, Arizona. Known for the colorful red rock that give the area its name. The country is filled with beautiful red rock vistas, buttes, pinnacles, mesas and canyons. Visitors to Red Rock Country will find many amazing places to explore, activities to enjoy and more.

Visitors to Red Rock Country can explore both Sedona and the Coconino National Forest. Together, these two destinations will provide visitors with more things to do and see than they could imagine. To get the trip started, travelers should stop at one of the three visitor centers in the region. These visitor centers are an amazing source of comprehensive information about the region. The three visitor centers are the Gateway Visitor Centers, including the South Gateway Visitor Center in southern Sedona, the Uptown Gateway Visitor Center in the Sedona-Oak Creek Canyon Chamber of Commerce, and the North Gateway Visitor Center at the Oak Creek Vista Overlook located at the north end of Oak Creek Canyon.

The Red Rock County has a wide variety of recreational activities for visitor and residents to enjoy. This area is an excellent destination to enjoy hiking, horseback riding, scenic drives, fishing in Oak Creek, backpacking and more. There are over 200 miles of trail to be enjoyed. For shorter trips there are urban trails. Visitors looking for longer excursions can try the remote backcountry trails, which cater to the more adventurous hikers and backpackers.

Visitors can also explore the three federal wilderness areas, which cover over 124,000 acres of the area. These wilderness areas include Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness Area, Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Area, and Munds Mountain Wilderness Area. Within these wilderness areas visitors can find cliffs, pinnacles, desert and pinon-juniper forests.

Red Rock Country also has some beautiful scenic drives. All of the scenic drives in the region provide amazing opportunities to view the stunning beauty of the region. The drives from Highway 89A from Flagstaff to Oak Creek Canyon, and from Cottonwood to Sedona are both great ways to see the country. For a little more adventurous drive, the Schnebly Hill Road into Sedona from the east is a fun winding narrow road that allows visitors to truly enjoy the amazing scenery of the region.

Visitors to Red Rock Country can also explore Oak Creek, one of the beautiful features of the region. The creek can be explored on foot. Visitors can also enjoy fishing in the region. Oak Creek is a vital part of the region’s ecosystem, and visitors should be careful not to disturb or contaminate the water while exploring the area.

Red Rock Country has been inhabited by many different people and cultures for many generations. Visitors to the region will enjoy the recreation, the culture, the history and much more that the region offers. There is wilderness, incomparable beauty, and lots of recreation to enjoy.

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