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Camping Hot Spot | Guadalupe River State Park, Texas

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Guadalupe River State Park – Recreation & Relaxation

Travelers and RVers looking for a great summer destination in Texas should be sure to stop to spend some time at the Guadalupe River State Park.

This park is a fantastic destination for recreation throughout the year, but particularly in summer when the river is a great spot to cool off in the hot summer weather. In addition, the park has beautiful flora and fauna for visitors to enjoy.

Guadalupe River State Park is located in southeastern Texas, approximately 30 miles north of San Antonio. Travelers to Texas can enjoy the beauty and nature of this park, while also being near to all of the fun of San Antonio and Austin. During the summer many people from the area choose to visit the beautiful park and cooling waters of the Guadalupe River.

The park is divided by the Guadalupe River, with four miles of some of the best riverfront and access to the river. Visitors to the park will have a fantastic time enjoying all of the recreation and relaxation offered by the Guadalupe River. While on the water, visitors can partake in a wide variety of recreational activities, including fishing, canoeing and of course swimming. The section of the river within the park is also an excellent spot to enjoy some float trips.

Not only is the water of the Guadalupe River refreshing, but it is also a stunningly beautiful area. As visitors enjoy many cool and fun water activities, they will also have the opportunity to float past the amazingly large bald cypress trees lining the river, as well as the limestone bluffs. Other fantastic flora and fauna include sycamore, basswood, pecan, willow, juniper woodlands, golden-cheeked warbler, white-tailed deer, bobcats, armadillo and many more species.

The Guadalupe River State Park has many other opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery. This park has some excellent hiking options. While hiking the trails of the park visitors can enjoy the many different species of plants and animals that make this park a beautiful place to explore.

Visitors to the park can also schedule a visit to the nearby Honey Creek Natural Area. This protected area is only open for visits through guided tours. However, if visitors are able to coordinate their visit with the times that these guided tours are available, it is well worth the time to explore the natural beauty of the Honey Creek Natural Area, which provide plenty of information about the nature of the region.

Guadalupe River State Park also has an equestrian trail. This trail is excellent for those who enjoy taking equestrian trips. The parks equestrian trail is also open for mountain biking, which is another great way to enjoy all that the park has to offer.

Throughout the region surrounding Guadalupe River State Park there are many options for camping and RVing, which provide excellent access to this park. The relatively close proximity to San Antonio and Austin make this park an excellent spot to enjoy a weekend trip, or a fabulous stopping point on a road and RV trip. Visitors can have fun recreating at the park then travel on to enjoy the excitement of the city.

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