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Enjoying the Magical Colors of Fall

When the trees burst with gold, orange, and crimson, autumn is in full glory. Nothing is more gorgeous than a hillside full of changing leaves, each one perfect on its own — while as a group, they create a symphony of color. In your daily life, you may not get to see massive swaths of trees. If that’s the case, then this is the perfect time to plan a trip to see the leaves change. This is a great way to celebrate the turning seasons.

Where to Go
New England is famous for its fall color. With acres of deciduous trees and the early cold snaps that make the foliage pop with color, New England is a perfect place to visit for the leaves. If you can manage a trip to Vermont, New Hampshire, or Pennsylvania this fall, take a drive through the countryside and soak in the atmosphere. You might stop off at a cider stand for some fresh apple cider or crisp fall apples, or visit a small town for a bite of lunch. In Pennsylvania, tour Pennsylvania Dutch country and explore the array of homemade crafts, tasty baked goods, and stunning hand-made quilts.

The rest of the country enjoys a burst of color in the fall, as well. The Great Smoky Mountains blaze with color in the fall, as do many parts of the South. In Colorado, quaking aspens turns golden-yellow, looking dramatic with their white trunks. The Pacific Northwest and Alaska keep their carpet of evergreen trees, but when patches of maples and alders turn yellow and red, it can make a colorful splash.

The Great Lakes region is a terrific place to enjoy fall. As farm fields turn tawny-gold and corn stalks grow heavy with fruit, you’ll find blue lakes surrounded by bright yellow and orange leafed trees. This is the time of year when early settlers would go “sugaring,” tapping maple trees for their precious sweet syrup.

A Scenic View
There are two perfect ways to enjoy fall color. One is to walk or drive directly through it, admiring the boughs as they curve overhead. Walking a trail that’s covered in yellow and red leaves is a special delight. With the smell of wood smoke tinting the air, you’ll build up a hearty appetite for a lunch of butternut squash soup or minestroni. Watch for wildlife as you go. You might even see squirrels and chipmunks stashing away nuts for the winter.

After you’ve taken your walk or drive through the woods, see if you can get up high for a panoramic view. An overlook, vista point, or mountaintop will give you an eagle-eye view of hills and valleys, all rippling with color.

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