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Family Reunion Camping

Family Reunion Camping

If you want to spice up your family reunion this year, plan a big camping trip! Finding activities and events that everyone in the family reunion group can enjoy is a difficult task, which is why family reunion camping is such a great option. Camping provides endless adventures and activities. You and your family can plan hikes, enjoy boating and swimming at the lake, try rock climbing, barbecue together, share embarrassing campfire stories and much more.

When you have a big family, you’re used to planning well in advance. Advance planning remains important when enjoying family reunion camping. Start by choosing an appropriate location for the whole group. Choose a central location, so it is fair for everyone. Maybe there is a spot that has family significance or a location everyone has wanted to visit.

Once you have a location you need to find a camp site that can accommodate your whole group. You may need to be prepared to split the group into multiple camp sites if you don’t plan well in advance or can’t find a large enough camp site. If your group is large, you may need to make your reservations quite far in advance. Make sure you know how many people are coming and reserve enough camping sites for the whole group. Some locations are popular and camp sites can fill up fast.

After your reservations are secure you, make sure that everyone comes to the family reunion prepared. Each person will need tents and sleeping bags,  plus all of the usual camping supplies needed. You should also figure out in advance how you are going to work out the cooking. Planning for meals in advance will help avoid argument and confusion during your reunion.

When you have all of your logistics figured out, you get to start planning the events and activities that will make this reunion one the family will never forget. Figure out things that your group can enjoy together. During the day you can find nice trails for day hikes. Perhaps one member of your family has a special skill, like kayaking, mountain biking, or rock climbing. If this is the case, maybe you can find a way to share these skills with the rest of the family. You could arrange hiking trips, or small kayaking excursions, for a few members of the group at a time.

If you have a longer reunion planned you may not want to have an expedition planned for each day. Plan a few low-key events to allow for days of rest and relaxation. Allowing for some rest days gives the group time to decompress and it makes things a little easier during a pressure-filled vacation. You can plan games of capture the flag or frisbee or softball, games that everyone from the youngest to the oldest members of the family can participate in. If you are located near a beach, you can plan fun beach activities, including beach volleyball or sand-castle building contests.

You might want to plan activities for the evening. Cooking over the campfire is always fun. Then, after dinner you can toast marshmallows. If you want to be really adventurous you can make s’mores. Of course, what could be better than sharing all of the great family stories, reminiscing about family history. When the group is all filled up with family lore, maybe you can bring out your best ghost stories.

No matter what amazing activities you plan, it will be the shared experiences that make this family reunion the best one you have ever been a part of. If you and your family plan this trip together, you are sure to each have an experience that you will take home with you and treasure forever.

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