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Finding Low Fuel Prices

Helpful Tools to Find the Lowest Gas Prices

Reprinted from ConsumerReports.org/December 2007

Automobile Club of America directs you to the proper state AAA chapter based on zip code. Your chapter may have its own gas-price finder. If not, go to the California AAA site, which serves other states. It can show prices within a 3, 5, and 10-mile radius of an intersection you name.

GasBuddy.com links to gas-price sites in Canada and the U.S. by specific state or province, county, or parish. Gas Buddy tracks only regular gasoline and diesel fuel. Some tested locations returned only regular gas price data, while others returned no information.

Automotive.com highlights the lowest prices for each grade within your area when available. Prices per grade were spotty, at best, in our nationwide sampling.

GasPriceWatch.com spotlights the best local price, and it also lets you sort your results to find the most recently posted prices.

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