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Forest Camping

Forest Camping

Protect Our Forests – Go Camping!

Deep, lush forests are a thing of magic.  These swaths of trees are filled with life, from squirrels and birds to deer and eagles.  Surrounded by cathedrals of trees, you can feel the pulse of nature and the quiet hush of the forest.  On your next camping vacation, head to the woods for a serious dose of beauty, fresh air, wildlife, and fun.

Forests can seem silent, but if you take a moment to listen closely, you’ll hear far more activity than you might expect.  Bees hum in the flowering bushes, birds flit from branch to branch, and chipmunks run races around tree trunks.  All those trees can block out the light, so be sure you take time each day to get some sun and a clear look at the blue sky above.  You can head to the lake, to a nearby river or meadow, or hit the trail and start climbing until you get above the tree line.

One of the benefits of forest camping is that you have plenty of trees around to act as posts for clotheslines and supports for tent rain flies, and branches to hang jackets and hats on. In hot areas, you’ll have plenty of shade and you’ll probably enjoy cooler temperatures than outside the forest.

The forest floor is covered with aromatic pine needs and pine cones. While collecting and admiring these forest treasures is a fun activity, resist the urge to haul too many cones away with you.  These seed-packets are filled with pine nuts, food that will sustain squirrels and birds throughout the season.  Also, if you want to see wildlife in the forest, try to keep your noise level to a minimum.  Wild animals are frightened away by loud noises, so your odds of seeing deer, rabbits, and forest birds goes way up if you’re quiet.  

As you sit around your campfire, admiring the crowns of trees overhead, you’ll feel the special magic of the woods.  Forests are all about life, and when you spend some time in one, you’ll feel renewed for your own life.  So get out there and head to the woods! 

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