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Top Trips | Wisconsin

Best Hidden State Parks & Scenic Trails | Wisconsin

Amnicon Falls State Park

This park, located on the Amnicon River is home to the beautiful Amnicon Falls as well as other falls. Visitors can enjoy views of the falls and the river on the scenic River trail. The park also has a covered foot bridge and more. This park also gives travelers the opportunity to learn about the Douglas Fault, which is the geologic formation that created the falls. Amnicon Falls State Park is filled with fascinating features and interesting activities.

Big Bay State Park
Located on Madeline Island, Big Bay State Park has some amazing scenery and views of Lake Superior. Travelers take a car ferry to reach the island. While at Big Bay State Park visitors can enjoy hiking, walking along the Boardwalk Trail, and more. The park has plenty of wilderness, as well as sandstone cliffs, a lagoon and more.

devils-doorwayDevil’s Lake State Park
Devil’s Lake State Park is one of Wisconsin’s most popular state parks. It is an especially great destination from late spring to early fall. During these seasons good weather visitors can enjoy Devil’s Lake, which is a stunning spring-fed lake. In addition to the beautiful lake, the park also has a great trail system, over 29 miles, that visitors can enjoy recreating on.

Ice Age National Scenic Trail
The Ice Age National Scenic Trail is a great way to experience the beautiful state of Wisconsin. This Trail showcases the evidence of the Ice Age glacier that covered most of North America. Wisconsin’s many lakes, hills, river valley and more are great evidence of the glacier. The Ice Age National Scenic Trail spans 1200 miles across Wisconsin. Visitors to the Ice Age National Scenic Trail can take day hikes, or hike across much larger parts of the trail.

Perrot State Park
Perrot State Park is located where the Mississippi and Trempealeau Rivers meet. Visitors to this park can enjoy a wide range of recreational activities within this park, including hiking, biking and canoeing on the rivers. Hiking Trempealeau Mountain is one excellent hiking opportunity within the park. In addition, visitors should be sure to hike on Brady’s Bluff, where some of the best views in the  park can be enjoyed.

Wildcat Mountain State Park
This state park overlooks the Kickapoo River Valley. Visitors to this park can enjoy over 25 miles of trails. Wildcat Mountain State Park’s trails are great for hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and more. In addition, the Kickapoo River is an excellent destination for a canoe trip. Visitors to this park will enjoy amazing views and much more in this beautiful Wisconsin park.

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