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Glamping – Extreme Luxury Camping

A soft bed, a gourmet dinner, comfortable seating – sound like a great way to camp? Welcome to the modern world of glamping, or glamour camping. Whether you have a young family that isn’t ready for sleeping bags and campfires or you’re looking for a kinder, friendlier camping experience, glamping just might be perfect for you.

For many people, the hardships of camping are such a turnoff that their first camping trip is also their last. But have no fear — many RV parks and campgrounds today offer more luxurious amenities. This isn’t your grandpa’s kind of camping! You can ditch the tent and dehydrated food in favor of a bright, clean cabin or cottage, one with a real bed and mattress. Enjoy a real pillow, and blankets or comforters instead of sleeping bags. Tents come in new bright colors and can be hooked up to electrical power, so you can run a reading light, appliances, and a heater or small air conditioner.

Of course, the idea of comfortable camping is nothing new to RVers. These clever folks long ago traded in their tents and thin foam pads for the comfort of a real bed, a bathroom, a small kitchen, and a real dining table with cushy seating. But even RV campers can go upscale by camping at a resort campground with full amenities. You might find a hot tub, spa, and exercise room in addition to the usual swimming pool. Some parks have their own restaurant, snack bar, and cantina, and many come equipped with wide-screen TVs in the park lounge and arcade games for the kids. Many also make it easy to take an outing into the great outdoors, with rental boats and sail boards or camp-organized horseback riding trips. A few even organize wine-tasting trips or shuttles to nearby quaint towns for shopping, dining, and day hikes.

You can create your own glamping experience with just a little careful planning. There’s no reason you can’t bring the makings for a gourmet meal on your next RV trip, along with fresh herbs, sauces, real glasses, and a bottle of wine. If you’re tent camping, why not bring your pillow, a blow-up air mattress, and blankets from home? You can carry a cooler with fresh fruit, sparkling water, or gourmet chocolate bars. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be comfortable while you camp! So take a tip from the glampers and make your next camping vacation be the one you remember for the scenery, the wildlife, and the amazing hikes instead of for the uncomfortable sleeping experience.

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