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Guide to North Carolina’s Best State Parks.  North Carolina has it all – mountains, beaches, major cities and quaint towns – plan to spend some time exploring North Carolina’s State Parks.

Morrow Mountain State Park, Albermarie
One of North Carolina’s mountainous parks, Morrow Mountain State Park has much to offer visitors. There is a beautiful lake, which is wonderful for boating, fishing, canoeing and more. In addition, the park is located on the Pee Dee River and Lake Tillery. Visitors can also enjoy hiking and much more.

Fort Macon State Park, Atlantic Beach
Atlantic Beach is home to the beautiful Fort Macon State Park. The fort was a Civil War military fortification and today visitors can enjoy learning about its history during the war. In the summer visitors can enjoy watching a Civil War reenactment and much more. In addition, Fort Macon State Park has a wonderful beach and is a good place to enjoy a hike and more.

South Mountains State Park, Connelly Springs
Visitors to South Mountains State Park can enjoy a rigorous hike to reach the beautiful falls located on the Jacob’s Fork River. This is the largest park in the state and is a wonderful destination for all visitors. The streams are stocked with fish, in addition, there are excellent opportunities for biking, hiking and much more.

Hanging Rock State Park, Danbury
This park has beautiful cliffs and peaks. Visitors can enjoy the foretastes, the waterfalls and much more. Hanging Rock State Park is an excellent destination to enjoy hiking, swimming, fishing and much more.

Crowders Mountain State Park, Kings Mountain
The beautiful Crowders Mountain State Park is a wonderful North Carolina destination to enjoy amazing views. Within the acres of the park there are two peaks. From these peaks not only are there stunning views and opportunities to enjoy wildlife and more.

Stone Mountain State Park, Roaring Gap
Climbers will love Stone Mountain State Park. The mountain has a 600-foot rock dome. Hikers will also love the challenge of Stone Mountain. In addition, this park offers excellent fishing opportunities and even has a restored homestead.

Cliffs of the Neuse State Park, Seven Springs
This park has some very spectacular natural features in North Carolina. The Cliffs of the Neuse State Park’s main feature are the cliffs on the banks of the Neuse River. These cliffs rise 90 feet above the river, and stretch for 600 yards. Visitors to the park can learn about the role this region has played in the history of the country and the region, and they can learn about the geological forces that shaped the Cliffs.

Goose Creek State Park, Washington
Visitors to this park have an opportunity to learn all about the swamp ecosystems in North Carolina. There are many opportunities for visitors to explore this park, including boardwalks crossing the park. Visitors can also enjoy views of the park from an observation deck. Goose Creek State Park is also a great destination for boating and camping.

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