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Camping and RVing The North Coast of California


California’s North Coast is a fantastic year round destination. Not only does the region have a beautiful coastline, but it is also filled with amazing redwoods, national and state parks, as well as fantastic wines and rural charm. Visitors to the North Coast are sure to have a fantastic time exploring all that the region has to offer.
The region of California known as the North Coast extends from the Oregon border to the north down to the San Francisco Bay area in the south. The counties included in this region are Sonoma, Lake, Mendocino, Humboldt and Del Norte. Each county has its own unique feel and attractions.

Del Norte, the northernmost county in the North Coast is an excellent destination for outdoor recreation. Visitors can enjoy visiting the amazing stands of redwoods, while enjoying exhilarating recreational activities. Within Del Norte County visitors will find Redwood National and State Parks, Pelican Bay, Tolawa Dunes State Park and more.

The Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park is an excellent destination within Del Norte County. Conveniently located near Crescent City, this park is unique because the Smith River cuts through the park. Visitors to the park not only get to enjoy the redwood forests and the river, but they also have the opportunity to explore the miles of trails throughout the park.

One great way to enjoy the amazing redwood forests is to drive the Avenue of the Giants. This scenic drive stretches for over 30 miles and showcases some of the most beautiful examples of giant redwoods.  The drive is completely surrounded by the Humboldt Redwoods State Park, which preserves the largest old-growth forest in the world.

Shelter Cove in Humboldt County is another fantastic destination in the North Coast. This destination is located on California’s Lost Coast, which is a wonderful secluded spot for a quite vacation. The area around Shelter Cove has approximately 64 miles of trails to enjoy hiking and view wildlife. In addition, much of the region is protected by the King Range Conservation Area. Visitors to Shelter Cove can enjoy watching for the abundant wildlife, including bald eagles, sea lions, grey whales and more. Fishing enthusiasts will also enjoy exploring Shelter Cove, either fishing off the coast, or fishing on the Mattole River.

Travelers on California’s North Coast will also enjoy exploring Sonoma County’s Wine Country. This region of California is filled with wineries, producing spectacular wines. Visitors to Sonoma County can enjoy a wide variety of wine tastings, while staying at a local winery. In addition, the region is also filled with recreational activities and natural wonders.

In the southern part of the North Coast, visitors can enjoy the beautiful Point Reyes National Seashore and Point Reyes National Park. This park has trail, historical structures and visitors centers. Throughout the park there are opportunities for camping, hiking, biking, kayaking and more. While exploring Point Reyes visitors can stop at the Point Reyes Lighthouse and visitor center, where you can learn all about the history of the Lighthouse. The most adventurous travelers can also take the trip down the 308 stairs to the Lighthouse.

Throughout California’s North Coast there are spectacular natural wonders, delicious local food, and a wonderful fun atmosphere. Visitors to this region are sure to find things to enjoy year-round. From hiking to wine tasting, the North Coast has it all.

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