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Hot Spot | Plymouth, Massachusetts


Plymouth, Massachusetts “America’s Hometown”

Plymouth is an amazing destination in Massachusetts. Also known as “America’s Hometown,” this destination is filled with the rich history of the first pilgrims to the country. Visitors can experience many of the founding myths and stories of our country. Plymouth is also a great modern destination. Visitors will find all sorts of activities to enjoy beyond exploring the history of the region.

This is the place where the pilgrims on the famous ship the Mayflower landed and founded the town of Plimoth. It is also the site of the “First Thanksgiving,” and other founding stories that are part of the foundation of the early history of our country. Today visitors can explore recreations of the seventeenth century farms and crafts, and then enjoy the recreation of the towns parks and beaches and the delicious cuisine in the fine dining of the area.

Plymouth has a few great parks for visitors to enjoy the outdoors. Ellisville Harbor State Park has a barrier beach, salt marsh and more interesting ecosystems. Visitors to this park can explore these ecosystems, enjoy the beach and do some bird watching. Pilgrim Memorial State Park is another great destination in Plymouth.

Pilgrim Memorial State Park is home to Plymouth Rock. This symbol of the forefathers of America, is located right on the waterfront of Plymouth. Visitors to the rock can learn about the long history and path that the rock took to get to its current location. Plymouth rock was actually moved to its current location, and in the process the rock broke, so actually only part of the original rock is under the canopy built to celebrate this part of American history.

Plymouth is also home to the Pilgrim Hall Museum, which is the oldest continually operating museum in the United States. This museum is filled with artifacts and objects from the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag who’s stories have been an important piece of American history. Visitors can explore the many possessions preserved within the exhibits and more.

Plimoth Plantation is another amazing destination to learn about the history of Plymouth. This destination has a recreation of the seventeenth century Plymouth settlement. In addition there is a replica of a Wampanoag homesite from the same era. Visitors can learn about the history of Plimoth, the crafts of the era and even a replica of a farming homestead with several animals true to the time period, which are now rare breeds. The craft center showcases artists who use seventeenth century techniques and materials, both English and Native trades are featured throughout the plantation. Visitors can also visit a full-scale replica of the Mayflower, called the Mayflower II, on the ship visitors can learn about the navigation and what the seventeenth century ship was like. Plimoth Plantation features a visitor center, and tour guides dressed in period dress and playing roles of the seventeenth century pilgrims and Wampanoag that lived in Plymouth.

After exploring the many historical sites found throughout Plymouth visitors can enjoy relaxing on one of the local beaches, including Plymouth Long Beach, located near Plimoth Plantation. In addition, Plymouth is a great destination for taking cruises. Visitors can take a whale watching tour or enjoy a lobster boat tour, which gives visitors a chance to learn how lobsters are harvested.

Plymouth, Massachusetts is filled with interesting activities and destinations. Visitors have the opportunity to learn and even experience recreations of seventeenth century pilgrim and Wampanoag life. The town also has plenty of modern activities to enjoy, from exploring the areas parks to taking a cruise around the bay.

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