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Visit the District of Columbia

Our nation’s capital is a destination that everyone should visit sometime in their life. The District of Columbia is a destination filled with sites of historic and current importance. During a visit, you can learn about the structure of our government, see monuments, museums and much more.

Washington, DC is filled with important monuments. If you have enough time, it is well worth it to make it to as many of the monuments as possible. The place to start is the National Mall. The Mall is a beautiful grassy area lined with trees and some of the monuments honoring our nation’s most important figures. You can see the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial and many more. These important landmarks are open all day and into the evening, and some of the memorials are even more spectacular in the evening with all of the lights.

After exploring some of Washington DC’s amazing monuments the next stop should be to plan out a visit to some of the Smithsonian Institution’s complex of museums. With over 19 museums and the National Zoological Park, it’s unlikely that you will not have the time to explore each of these museums on a single visit. The best way to enjoy the Smithsonian Institution is to plan out which museums you are most interested in visit. You can start planning your exploration of the Smithsonian Institution at The Castle, also known as the Smithsonian Institution Building, where the information center is located. Other Smithsonian museums include the Air and Space Museum, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, the Portrait Museum, the National Zoo and many more.

The Smithsonian Institution are not the only museums in DC. Another excellent museum that you should be sure to visit is the National Museum of the American Indian. This museum offers amazing insight into the history and culture of the many different tribes of American Indians. In addition, the museum cafe offers a stunning dining opportunity, the cafe has delicious Native American foods.

Washington, DC doesn’t just have monuments and museums, there are also laces to enjoy the great outdoors. The city has many parks and places to walk and enjoy the city. You can enjoy the outdoors at the Constitution Gardens with beautiful trees, and island and more. The National Arboretum is another outdoor destination, which boasts an impressive selection of trails. The Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens and the US Botanical Gardens are also great outdoor destinations.

The arts and entertainment in Washington, DC are also an important part of any trip to the city. You will find art galleries, club and fantastic restaurants. The historic Georgetown neighborhood in Washington, DC is an excellent area to enjoy some of the cities best shopping, dining, entertainment and more.

Of course, one last important aspect of any visit to Washington, DC is the current American Democracy. As our nation’s capitol, Washington, DC is where some of the more important decisions and political action are occurring right now. You should be sure to stop at some of the sites where American Democracy is taking place. The US Capitol houses both the House of Representatives and the Senate, you can really get to see how our government functions during a visit to the Capitol.

You start your visit at the Capitol Visitor Center, and from there you can take a tour, if you made reservations in advance. You can even get a pass to see the House and Senate while they are in session. The Library of Congress and its stunning collection of books, photographs, recordings and much more preserves American History and is another fascinating destination. And last but certainly not least, the White House. You can stop outside the White House to admire this iconic destination. Unfortunately tours are difficult to arrange, but it is still fantastic to see the outside of the President’s residence.

The District of Columbia, our nation’s capitol is one of the great destinations you can visit. This city is filled with history, excitement and more. You will find the Smithsonian Institution here as well as the National Mall, the Washington Monument and much more. Throughout the city there are destinations of current and historical importance as well as destinations that are fun for shopping recreation and much, much more.


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