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Camping offers travelers a unique way to enjoy the outdoors and nature of any region. While sleeping outdoors travelers have the opportunity to here and see more of nature than a hotel or resort typically offers. However, many people do not have the desire to spend their vacation sleeping in tents and cooking over the campfire. Those travelers that want to experience the recreation and fun of camping, combined with all of the comforts of home should try luxury camping instead of traditional camping.

RV in Style

Some people choose to take their home with them when they go camping, by packing up their RV and driving to an RV park near their desired destination. RV’s have all of the amenities of a home, including a small kitchen, beds, a small bathroom and more. Traveling in an RV offers people the option of traveling in comfort with the ability to go almost anywhere. RVs offer travelers the ability to cook like they do at home, but they can also enjoy the fun of a campfire at most RV parks. RVing is a great way to enjoy the fun destinations and freedoms of camping, while taking along all of the comforts and facilities of home.

RVs are a large investment for most people, so for those people that what to enjoy luxury camping without the longterm investment of an RV, or for RVers that want to enjoy a fun luxury trip there are many more options. Throughout the United States and Canada there are fantastic resorts that offer a fun camping style experience, but combine that experience with all of the luxury and pampering of a world class resort. Some resorts offer cabins, others tents, but each of these accommodations come with the finest in sleeping accommodations and dining options. While enjoying the complete luxury of these resorts visitors can enjoy all of the actives that they would experience while taking a less luxurious camping trip.

Luxury Camps

El Capitan Canyon in California offers campers tents with beds, bathing facilities, and even massage. The Resort at Paws Up in Montana is another excellent luxury camping destination. Visitors to The Resort at Paws Up will find that they have access to all of the Montana wilderness and adventure, but they also enjoy fully equipped tents and homes, and amazing regional cuisine cooked right there. These are just two examples of many different luxury camping resorts, which offer everything from personal chefs to spa treatments and more.

The Fireside Resort in Jackson Hole offers amazing luxury camping accommodations throughout the year, both in the summer and during the winter ski resort. The resorts Glamping Tents, which offer all of the fun of camping, including sleeping in a tent, sitting by the campfire and more, while also enjoying the amenities of a first class resort, from comfortable beds and spa products. The Fireside Resort also offers excellent cabin rentals, with rustic charm and all of the modern resort comforts. This Jackson Hole resort fills up fast, so luxury campers should be sure to book their online reservations well in advance to ensure their vacation at this delightful destination.


Some travelers may want to enjoy the comforts of home and fun of luxury camping without all of the expense of full resort style accommodations. These travelers will find that their are campsites throughout the country that offer cabin rentals. Many parks and campgrounds have small cabins, which come with beds, kitchen and bathroom facilities. These small cabins are a great option for travelers looking for a slightly more luxury trip than traditional camping. When making a reservation for one of these cabins travelers should be prepared to bring their own linens, towels, and sometimes even dishes and cooking utensils. Cabins like these offer a bit more of a rustic vacation than the luxury camping resorts, but they still allow travelers to experience the outdoors with the comforts of home.

Travelers throughout the country that don’t enjoy the experience of camping have plenty of options for enjoying the outdoor experience of camping while also enjoying the luxury of home comforts. Travelers can find rustic cabins at parks and campgrounds, or can enjoy the ease and simplicity of taking their home with them in an RV, and can even enjoy a full resort experience all while taking advantage of the outdoor recreation provided in a camping experience.

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