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Mile-High Denver, Colorado

Mile-High Denver, Colorado

The Mile High City offers all the diversity of big-town life combined with the spirit of outdoor adventure. The State Capitol of Colorado truly sits a mile above sea level.  In fact, if you climb the western steps of the capitol you will find a plaque marking the step the lies exactly 5,280 feet above sea level. The mild climate makes this city a great place to visit any time of the year. Outdoor enthusiasts will find many green parks in the city and can hike, bike or climb at one of the nearby state parks. Sports lovers will also be enchanted with this city year round, as it is one of only a few that is home to eight professional sports teams. This home of the first hamburger holds a little something for everyone.

Denver has many amazing activities that will please you and your kids alike. Visit the Downtown Aquarium, where you can see shipwreck exhibits, pan for gold or even feed the stingrays. The Denver Zoological Gardens have narrated train rides and naturally landscaped exhibits like Predator Ridge, which features African species. If you want to bring your child’s education to life, stop at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. This museum has exhibits ranging from dinosaur skeletons and fossils to space travel.

There are also many wonderful attractions for adults in Denver. In the lower downtown area you will find great shopping opportunities. You can get to know Denver a little better by exploring its different neighborhoods. LoDo (Lower Downtown) has many nightclubs and dining establishments; the Capitol Hill area has the mansions and Gothic Cathedral. Denver also has many spas, art museums and outdoor sculptures. If you visit in summer be sure to look up the various music festivals, as you’re sure to find one that has something you’d enjoy.

Denver’s mild and sunny climate makes it a great place to visit year round. The high altitude reduces the precipitation and makes the sun feel warmer. In the higher altitude, be sure to drink plenty of water; you need to drink more water because the air is much drier. Also, make sure you use sunscreen; the suns UV rays are more intense at this elevation.

You will find plenty of outdoor adventure during your time in Denver. The city is very close to the Rocky Mountains where you will find hiking, biking and snowboarding. Within the city you can visit the Denver Botanical Gardens. If you are a rock climber, there are some great routes to be climbed at Eldorado Canyon State Park or Castlewood Canyon State Park. Denver is a sports lover’s paradise; you will find professional baseball, football, hockey, soccer, basketball, lacrosse and even rugby teams.

Denver has a little bit of everything, and it has a lot of some things. You will find outdoor activities for everyone. Your children will find attractions that they will rave about after your visit. Denver has a rich history, diverse populations and a multitude of events. On your next vacation go to Denver and revel in the adventures of the Mile High City.

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