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Maryland’s National Parks

Assateague-Island-National-Seashore-MarylandMaryland is a state filled with historic destinations as well as some stunning natural attractions. Many of these important sites in the state are preserved through the National Park Service. Here are a few of the amazing destinations that visitors to Maryland can explore.

Antietam National Battlefield

Antietam was the bloodiest single day battle in the history of the country. On that day of the Civil War over 23.000 soldiers were killed. This battle was also important because it ended the Confederate Army of Virginia’s first invasion into the north, as well as playing a role in the preliminary issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation. Visitors to Antietam National Battlefield can start by exploring the Visitors Center, or listen to a Ranger battlefield talk, take a self-guided tour or auto tour of the park. visitors can also take a guided tour and much more.

Assateague Island National Seashore

Assateague Island National Seashore is a amazingly beautiful spot in Maryland. Visitors to this national park will love the sandy beaches, as well as the other natural features of the island, including salt marshes, maritime forests and more. A trip to Assateague Island should start at the visitor center, the exhibits educate visitors about the National Seashore. Visitors will find a wide variety of recreational activities to enjoy, including biking, kayaking, surf fishing and even horseback riding.

Baltimore National Heritage Area

The Baltimore National Heritage Area celebrates the rich history of Baltimore, Maryland. This National Heritage Area illustrates the role Baltimore has played over the years, and the changes it has undergone over time. Visitors to the Baltimore National Heritage Area will find plenty to do. Baltimore is filled with art galleries, sporting events, museums and much more.

Clara Barton National Historic Site

This National Historic Site was the home of Clara Barton for the last years of her life. Visitors to this site will learn about how Clara Barton spent her life helping others, both at home and elsewhere, through the American Red Cross. This house in Glen Echo was her home, but it was also the headquarters for the American Red Cross. Visitors to this site can take a guided tour of the house, which allows visitors to see into the life of this important figure.

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine

This important site is the location were our National Anthem was first written. You can start your visit to Fort McHenry at the Visitor Center, which has an introduction and information about the site’s important history. After the Visitor Center, you can take a tour of the park. You can also visit Star Fort, the museum, which has all sort of exhibits about the Fort’s history and importance. You can also tour the structures of Fort McHenry, like the barracks and more.

Fort Washington Park

Historic Fort Washington was built to protect Washington, DC’s river approach, and it has been there for over 180 years. Visitors can enjoy many of the parks activities while learning about it’s history. There is a trail that follows the park’s perimeter, which in addition to be a wonderful tour of the park, is also a great spot to enjoy wildlife viewing and birdwatching. The park also has Civil War artillery demonstrations and more.

Hampton National Historic Site

Hampton National Historic Site preserves a historic mansion, which demonstrates a wide range of Maryland’s history, including American industry, a historic estate, and the history of the people working and living on the estate. One of the most important aspects of this National Historic Site is the look it gives visitors into the lives of indentured servants, slaves and more. At this park visitors can tour the mansion, the lower house, and the grounds. In addition there are occasional special programs which are great for visitors to learn more about the site.

Monocacy National Battlefield

This National Battlefield preserves the site of an important Civil War battle. At this site, in 1864, Confederate troops marched on Washington, DC. Union troops met  the Confederate army at the site of what is now Moncacy National Battlefield. Visitors to the battlefield can start at the Visitor Center, which has exhibits about the historic battlefield, as well as information about the battlefield. In addition visitors can take both auto and walking tours of the site.

Oxon Cove Park & Oxon Hill Farm

Oxon Cove Park offers visitors a look into the history of Maryland. This park offers hands on activities and more. Visitors should start their trip at the Visitor Center, which has games for children, a bookstore, and exhibits. Other activities at this park include a self-guided tour of the park, explore one of the historic and outdoor exhibits. This park also offers many programs, including liven history programs, which offer visitors a view into how the state has changed over time.

Thomas Stone National Historic Site

The Thomas Stone National Historic Site preserves the historic home of Thomas Stone, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Stone was an ardent protector of American rights. At this historic site visitors can see the Thomas Stone’s restored home, grounds, family cemetery and more. There are ranger guided tours of the home, or visitors can explore on their own. The park also has a Visitor Center with exhibits, a film and more.

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