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Guide to Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is a gateway to the wild beauty of western Montana. This National Park is also one of America’s most beautiful parks. Visitors to this park will find an abundance of  lakes, rivers, forests and more to explore. Beyond the trails and recreation, Glacier National Park also has beautiful park lodges, with a fascinating history.

This park was the tenth national park in the nation, and it achieved the designation in 1910. Visitors to Montana will find plenty to enjoy in Glacier National Park throughout the year. The park provides it’s guests with the best recreation opportunities in the early summer. The area gets lots of snow during the winter, but alternately it gets very hot during the summer.

Glacier is an outdoor recreation paradise. With over 700 miles of hiking trails it is an amazing hiking destination. There are options for both short day hikes and much longer backpacking trips. The options for hikers of all skill levels are abundant. Visitors can find all of the information they need about trail status and maps at the visitor centers. In addition, Glacier National Park has some wonderful self-guided walks, which interpret important features along the trailside. Visitors to Glacier won’t want to miss the Trail of the Ceders, which has the amazing bridge crossing Avalanche Gorge; Forest and Fire; Hidden Lake and many other wonderful trails.

Beyond hiking Glacier offers visitors many more recreational options. Boating is a fantastic activity. There are rivers and lakes throughout the park. For travelers interesting in boating making sure that boats are properly drained and cleaned will help protect the waters of the park from invasive species. Fishing is another popular water activity in Glacier National Park. Visitors wising to fish should make sure that they know what species are open for fishing and which waters are open for fishing.

Winter in Glacier National Park is also extremely beautiful and visitors can enjoy some recreational opportunities during this season. Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are great winter activities in Glacier National Park. Visitors should know the danger of avalanche and only go on trails appropriate for the skiers skill level. Downhill backcountry skiing is another excellent adventure for those with experience.

Glacier also has its famous glaciers and stunning lodges. The views of the park’s glaciers are amazing and visitors, if they are able should travel to see at least one. Visitors should also stop and take a walk through the parks lodges to learn their history and enjoy their beauty, even if you don’t decide to stay. Glacier’s beautiful lodges include Many Glacier Hotel, Lake McDonald Lodge, Granite Park Chalet and Sperry Chalet. The two chalets are backcountry accommodations, which are great for a luxurious backcountry hiking experience.

Travelers that enjoy scenic drives absolutely have to take a trip on the Going-to-the-Sun Road. This trip is a great way to enjoy some of the most stunning beauty in all of Western Montana. The Going-to-the-Sun Road travels through the interior of Glacier National Park. Drivers wind around mountains on this 50 mile drive. Throughout the drive there are many locations to stop and enjoy the points of interest. From the road visitors can see Jackson Glacier and wind around the tight curves and look over the edges of cliffs and much more.

Glacier National Park is one of our nation’s beautiful and exciting destinations. Visitors can enjoy all different types of recreational activities and can learn a great deal about the history of national parks and this parks ecology and natural history. No matter what interests each visitor, they are sure to find something amazing to remember from a trip to Glacier National Park.

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