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Great Washington DC National Parks

Washington, DC is filled with amazing national parks and memorial. The National Mall and Memorial Parks have amazing parks and memorials commemorating many of the countries most influential Presidents. From the first president, Washington to Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt, there are some amazing memorials dedicated to some amazing leaders. Washington DC is a fantastic destination for travelers of all ages and nationalities. 

Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site
Ford’s Theatre is a great destination for visitors of Washington DC to learn about the life of Abraham Lincoln in DC. In addition, visitors to Ford’s Theatre can learn about the history behind the assassination of Lincoln. It is an operating theatre, so there are events and more held frequently at this park.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
This memorial is dedicated to the President that guided the country through the Great Depression and World War II. Visitors to this park will enjoy the many different areas and statues dedicated to the time period and the great president. There is a bronze sculpture of President Roosevelt, and many more sculptures, statues and images within this unit of the National Mall and Memorial Parks.

Lincoln Memorial
Visitors to the National Mall should be sure to see the Lincoln Memorial in particular, one of the great monuments in the nation. The Lincoln Memorial gives visitors a glimpse into the importance of the great president. Visitors can look upon the the marble statue of the “Great Emancipator,” and enjoy this important symbol of freedom for our country. The Memorial is open 24 hours a day, and it is a great evening destination, with the lights and more.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove on the Potomac
The Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove was once known as Columbia Island, and is part of the George Washington Memorial Parkway. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful grove where President and Lady Bird Johnson often visited themselves. From this wonderful spot, visitors can see the city and the Potomac River, making it a fantastic spot to enjoy some recreation and relaxation.

Theodore Roosevelt Island
Part of the George Washington Memorial Parkway, Theodore Roosevelt Island is another beautiful destination in Washington, DC. On this island visitors can enjoy the nature trails and boardwalk. Located within the urban center that is Washington, DC, visitors can enjoy some of the nature of the region, and can commemorate the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Another unit of the National Mall and Memorial Parks, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial commemorates the important role that Thomas Jefferson played in the founding of our country and the importance his work continues to play in our country. Visitors to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial can read some of the words written by Thomas Jefferson within the walls of the memorial. In addition, from the Memorial visitors can enjoy beautiful views of the other parks within the National Mall and Memorial Parks.

Ulysses S. Grant Memorial
This memorial is a part of the National Mall and Memorial Parks. It is dedicated to President Ulysses S. Grant. Grant was an important figure of the Civil War, he was the primary savior of  the Union. Visitors to this memorial will enjoy the beautiful equestrian statue that makes this memorial.

Washington Monument
Located in the National Mall, the Washington Monument is one of the most prominent sights in  Washington, DC. All visitors, even if there isn’t time to explore all of the monuments in the Mall, should stop and see this national landmark created in honor of the first President. The Egyptian style obelisk stands over 555 feet tall, and is a must-see on any trip to the Nation’s Capitol. Visitors should be aware that the Washington Monument was damaged in an earthquake in August, 2011, and it is temporarily closed to assess the damage, visitors should be sure to check to see if the park has reopened when planning a visit to Washington, DC.

White House and President’s Park
As the home of the President, the White House is another important destination in any trip to Washington, DC. The White House and the lands surrounding the White House are called President’s Park, and both are part of the national park system. This location has been the site of many of the most important decisions made in the history of the country. At this time tours are difficult to arrange, and must be scheduled months in advance. However, visitors can all stop and see the outside of the iconic residence. In addition, visitors can stop at the White House Visitor Center to learn about the iconic residence and grounds.

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