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National Parks Guide | Channel Islands National Park, California

The Channel Islands are an amazing archipelago of the coast of California. Visitors will enjoy a wide variety of both land and water activities. The Channel Islands National Park is home to many fascinating and unique animals. In addition its separation from the mainland makes is a wonderful secluded destination.

Channel Islands National Park protects five of the archipelago’s eight islands. The protected islands are Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, San Miguel and Santa Barbara. One of the unprotected islands is Catalina Island, which is a great destination for camping. These islands make up an important aspect of California’s environment. The Channel Islands are an amazing ocean environment. Within the protection of this national park there are a wide variety of wildlife, natural and even cultural resources.

One amazing thing about this archipelago is how it developed over time. The islands are somewhat isolated from the mainland. Isolation like that found in the archipelago leads to many unique natural resources. This unique resources include animals, plants and much more.

The distance of the islands from the mainland means that the park is only accessible by boat or plane. There are a variety of different transportation options. Visitors can of course travel on a private boat. However, if visitors don’t have access to a private boat they can always take public boat. In addition, visitors can also take a plane, but the planes only land on Santa Rosa Island.

The Channel Islands National Park offers visitors many options for enjoying all that it has to offer. All visitors to the park, no matter how much time available, should make sure to stop at one of the Visitor Centers. There is one located in Santa Barbara and another located in Ventura. At the Visitor Center, travelers can learn about the history of the islands, as well as learn about transportation options to the islands.

After learning all about what the islands have to offer visitors can determine what they want to do based on the length of time they have to visit the islands. One short, but exciting trip is to take a boat tour around one of the islands. This is a great way to see some of the coastline of the Channel Islands on a relatively short trip.

Channel Islands National Park  is also a fantastic destination for whale watching. Visitors can enjoy plenty of whale watching opportunities as well. Gray whale season extends from December through April, and a whale watching tour is a wonderful option for winter and spring activities. In addition the Channel Islands are a place where visitors may have the opportunity of seeing a blue whale, the largest species of whale. Blue whale season lasts from Spring through summer. Whale watching is a fantastic activity for visitors to the park.

Visitors to the Channel Islands can do much more than just enjoy boating trips After reaching the islands whether by boat or plane visitors can also enjoy some recreation. The islands are a fantastic place to enjoy some island camping. In addition, there are extended tours that go around all of the islands of the park. Travelers on theses multi-island tours are live-aboard trips.

Throughout the Channel Islands National Park can enjoy all of the unique aspects preserved and formed by the isolation of the park. Visitors are sure to love learning about these islands as well as taking advantage of all of the unique recreation destinations and keeping an eye out for the unique species of wildlife that developed through the isolation.

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