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This lively German festival is a fun celebration of friends, German culture, and the finer things in life. As the name suggests, Oktoberfest traditionally takes place in the month of October, though in America you can find Oktoberfests happening through out the year.

The next time you’re camping near a town that’s celebrating Oktoberfest, why not stop in and see what it’s all about? You’re guaranteed to find good food, a beer garden or beer tasting, and other events celebrating German culture. You might learn a German word or two or even spot some young people in traditional German dress.

Oktoberfest has become a German celebration, but its roots are actually in Bavaria, a particular region of Germany. Bavaria is famous for its beer, from the lagers that are popular in the U.S. to darker stouts and ales. This region also serves up delicious food, including the bratwurst and giant pretzels that are typical fare at Oktoberfests. Pile on the sauerkraut or use American condiments like ketchup, mustard, and relish, and you’ll have a meal that’s fit for a king.

American Oktoberfests
German-American towns all over the country hold Oktoberfest celebrations every fall. You’ll also find big-city events in places like Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Newport Kentucky, Anaheim California, and Fredericksburg Texas. Las Vegas hosts its Hofbruhaus (an authentic replica of the original festival that’s held in Munich every year), in late September and throughout October. This popular even has been an annual tradition since 2003. The Las Vegas celebration includes premium beer that’s brewed in Bavaria, high-quality Bavarian food, and a special Bavarian warmth and coziness.

Cincinnati is so fond of Oktoberfest, they put on two of them every year! This town has a large and proud German-American population that loves toasting Bavarian culture. In September, Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati brings in about 500,000 visitors. That’s followed in October by the three-day Donauschwaben Oktoberfest. Dover, New Jersey also holds two Oktoberfests, one in June and one in September.

Hold Your Own Oktoberfest
This October, if you’re camping or traveling in a place that doesn’t pull out all the stops for Oktoberfest, why not hold your own? Pick a weekend or a special day and throw together a Bavarian-inspired meal that features beer, German sausages, sauerkraut, and pretzels. You might even inspire your RV park to make this an annual tradition!

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