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Road Trip | Alaska – Aleutian Islands & the Marine Highway


Road Trip Alaska’s Aleutian Islands and the Marine Highway

It is never too early to begin planning your trip to Rv the Marine highway.  This is a life list trip and many RVers plan at least a year inadvance.  Read on to get inspired and begin planning this trip of a lifetime.

The great wilderness of Alaska is a great place for a road trip. Throughout the state there are fascinating destinations, opportunities to enjoy the wildlife and more. The Aleutian Islands and the Marine Highway are great destinations for any traveler.

You can start your trip at Kodiak Island within the Aleutian Islands. This island is famous for its bears and is a great destination for wildlife watching. Visitors take a ferry from mainland Alaska to reach Kodiak Island. From there visitors can venture into the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, which covers about two-thirds of the island. This wildlife refuge is filled with bears, you can watch them as they hunt, eat, and live their daily lives. Kodiak Island is also a great destination for birdwatching. The area is home to bald eagles and many more species.

Kodiak Island also has the town of Kodiak for visitors to explore. The town has some lovely, cozy restaurants where visitors can enjoy the fine dining. Kodiak also has plenty of art galleries, with baskets and other types of art made by the Alutiiq people, who are descended from the original inhabitants of the island.

In addition to a strong Alutiiq influence, Kodiak Island also has a strong Russian influence. In fact, it was the capital of Russian American in the late 1700s. Visitors can see the ornate Russian Orthodox Church, and  tour the Baranov Museum. The Baranov Museum was where furs were stored before they were shipped back to Russia.

Visitors to this region can also enjoy the Alaska Renaissance Festival and the Solstice Celebration, which are great opportunities to celebrate and enjoy Alaska’s community and culture. In addition, visitors can enjoy the Annual Silver Salmon Fishing Derby in August.

After exploring all that Kodiak Island has to offer, travelers can take a ferry to Unalaska and Dutch Harbor to explore even more of the Aleutian Archipelago. The Aleutians are a chain of islands that stretch 1,000 miles away from the mainland of Alaska. The coastline of these islands are rugged and rocky, and there are even active volcanoes in the archipelago. Travelers can explore these islands by taking the ferries, as well as driving across the bridge that connects Unalaska Island to Amaknak Island, where visitors will find Dutch Harbor.

Unalaska is an amazing destination to learn about the history of the region of Alaska. This island features the native cultures, the Russian influence during the 1700s, and sites from World War II. Visitors can explore Aleut villages, and learn about the native culture and how they used the natural resources to survive in the harsh climate. Visitors can also explore the Russian-American Company’s original fur trading building. This building is a great destination to learn about the importance of fur trading during the 1700s in Alaska. Travelers can also learn about the Russian influence when visiting the oldest Russian church in the country. Another great destination in Unalaska is Fort Schwatka. Fort Schwatka is the site of a 19-day battle during World War II, when US troops fought the Japanese in Alaska.

After exploring Unalaska visitors can stop at Sitka Spruce Park, where there are six trees that were planted by the Russians in 1805. Uniktali Bay is a great spot to hike and enjoy some amazing birdwatching. From this destination, visitors can really enjoy the wondrous views of Alaska, including the peak of Mount Ballyhoo and more.

Alaska is an amazing destination for a road trip, whether exploring in the southwestern Kenai Peninsula, or traveling to the harsher northern climate of the Aleutian Islands. Throughout the state there are destinations filled with history, places to see the wide expanses of untamed wilderness and more.

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