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Road Trip | Baltimore to Annapolis

Road Trip Maryland

Maryland is a state packed with fascinating destinations. Instead of simply exploring a single destination, turn your trip into a road trip. You don’t even have to plan a long road trip, the short trip between Baltimore and Annapolis is a fantastic trip to enjoy some of Maryland’s excellent attractions.

You can start your road trip in Baltimore. This city is filled with art, culture, entertainment, fine dining, history and much more. If you can, plan to spend at least a few days exploring all that the city has to offer. You will find a wide variety of fascinating museums, a few that you won’t want to miss are the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Great Blacks in Wax Museum and more.

Baltimore also has a long and fascinating history. You will have many opportunities to learn about Baltimore’s history at destinations like, the Baltimore Civil War Museum, the USS Constellation and more. You can also take a tour that will visit many of Baltimore’s important sights.

Baltimore has many more destinations and attractions worth visiting. The Baltimore Aquarium is an amazing destination. You can also try to catch one of Baltimore’s Major League games, either the Orioles or the Ravens. After exploring all of the destinations you want in Baltimore you can start your trip to Annapolis.

Although Annapolis is less than 30 miles away from Baltimore, there are plenty of nearby destinations that you might want to stop and explore. Many of these destinations will allow you to enjoy some of Maryland’s great outdoors as well as continue to learn about the rich history of the state.

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine
This important site is the location were our National Anthem was first written. You can start your visit to Fort McHenry at the Visitor Center, which has an introduction and information about the site’s important history. After the Visitor Center, you can take a tour of the park. You can also visit Star Fort, the museum, which has all sort of exhibits about the Fort’s history and importance. You can also tour the structures of Fort McHenry, like the barracks and more.

North Point State Park
AS you travel around Baltimore on your way to Annapolis, one excellent outdoor destination is North Point State Park. This park actually has some history of its own, it is the site of the historic Bay Shore Amusement Park, and the Defenders Trail, which was important during the War of 1812 passes through the park. You can take the opportunity to learn about the history, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors in Maryland. North Point State Park is located on the Chesapeake Bay and is a great spot to enjoy some recreation.

Sandy Point State Park
As you continue your trip to Annapolis, another park you can explore is Sandy Point State Park. Also located on the Chesapeake Bay this park is excellent for wildlife viewing, especially birding, and more. Sandy Point also has a great beach for swimming, and in the summer part of the beach is lifeguard protected. This park is an amazing destination for enjoying the beautiful waters of the Chesapeake Bay and seeing some of Maryland’s wildlife.

When you have explored all of the points of interest you have identified on your way, you should plan to stay and explore all that Annapolis has to offer for a few days. This city is also has some important history, which can be explored at some sites throughout the city. One great destination is the Maryland State House, which is an architectural and historical point of interest. The Kunta-Kinte Alex Haley Memorial is another good destination for those interested in history.

Annapolis also has many more destinations worth exploring, including museums and other fun attractions. The city is also a long history as an amazing sailing destination. You should be sure to take the opportunity to enjoy some of the boating and sailing opportunities on the Chesapeake Bay from Annapolis.

The road trip between Baltimore and Annapolis is a great option for exploring a little more of Maryland. Although short in distance, this road trip will be packed with attractions that you won’t want to miss. From history to recreation this road trip covers it all.

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