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Road Trip | Big Sur, CA

Big Sur, California – Coastal Mountains and The Fabled Redwoods

California’s coast is full of beautiful spots and provides many opportunities for fantastic road trips. One of the best spots to spend some time exploring is Big Sur. Located right on the coast in the Los Padres National Forest, it is truly a remarkable destination. Road trippers can start in Monterey and Carmel to the south, then continue north to San Caporforo Creek and San Simeon.

Big Sur is a destination with many wonders to offer visitors. The Santa Lucia mountains are located right on the coast, emerging straight up from the beach. In fact, Cone Peak, located right on the coast, is the highest coastal mountain in the contiguous United States, at over a mile above sea level. Visitors have the opportunities to enjoy some amazing vistas from the California coast while exploring the region within the National Forest.

the Los Padres National Forest is an excellent destination for hiking. Throughout the forest there are many trails, including trails allowing visitors to walk the coastline. The forest allows visitors to explore beautiful pinyon juniper forests, grasslands, and the stunning redwoods. In addition, Big Sur is also a fantastic destination for wildlife viewing.

One of the most exciting sights in Big Sur is the endangered California Condor. This region is one of the few places where the majestic bird can be seen. Like an eagle, but all black, the California Condor is a truly impressive sight with its massive wing-span. Although highly endangered a nesting pair of California Condors has been seen in the region for the first time in over a hundred years.

Beyond trying to catch a glimpse of the California Condor, Big Sur and the California coastline is a great spot to watch migrating grey whales in February. During that time of year the grey whales are migrating from Mexico to Alaska. Visitors that watch the coastline closely and with impatience may be lucky enough to catch sight of a grey whale breaching.

Road trippers in Big Sur can also enjoy some excellent fishing. The coastline offers some excellent coastal fishing, with fantastic views to accompany the fun of fishing. Within the Los Padres National Forest there are plenty of streams that provide great fishing. Salmon Creek is  a nice little spot to go trout fishing within the forest.

After spending time recreating and exploring the beautiful Los Padres National Forest, travelers may want to spend some time visiting the nearby towns. The three towns in Big Sur are Big Sur in the Big Sur River Valley, Lucia near Limekiln State Park, and Gorda on the southern coast. Travelers can spend some time exploring these fun little towns and in between can enjoy the amazing vistas along the road and stop at the coastal overlooks.

Big Sur is a truly fantastic road tripping destination along the California coast and is a must see destination. It combines excellent recreation, amazing vistas and fun towns, making it an ideal California destination. Visitors that make Big Sur a stop on their itinerary may see a California Condor, can fish, hike, walk through redwood forests and much more.

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