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Road Trip | Boston to Bangor

Camp America Boston to Bangor RV Road Trip

The East Coast is filed with road trip opportunities. Travelers going between Boston and Bangor, ME. This beautiful coastal drive is one fantastic way to enjoy the coast of Maine as well as the sights and sounds along the way.

Boston, MA
Start your road trip in Boston. This beautiful east coast city has an unending supply of attractions. Visitors can walk the Freedom Trail, which is a fantastic way to see many of the sights Boston has to offer, including the Paul Revere House, the USS Constitutions and more. The Public Garden is another excellent Boston destination, with its beautiful flowers and plants, and the Swan Boats are a lot of fun. Visitors will also have fun taking a ferry to the Boston Harbor Islands. In addition, visitors can enjoy delicious food, a fun nightlife, art museums, professional sports and much more.

Salem, MA
As you travel north from Boston towards Bangor, you should take some time to explore the city of Salem. This city has a notorious past, and now is a great haunted destination. Visitors can attend shows that recreate a witch trial. The Salem Witch Museum details the history of the witch hysteria that took place in 1692. There are plenty of shows, museums and other attractions that allow you to experience the history and haunted feeling of the city.

Georgetown-Rowley State Forest
One way to enjoy some outdoor recreation is to stop at the Georgetown-Rowley State Forest. This forest covers over 1,000 acres on the East Coast. This forest is a beautiful example of the natural scenery in the State Forest. You can enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities including hiking, and winter activities like cross-country skiing and much more.

Odiorne Point State Park
This park offers road trippers the chance to enjoy amazing views of the ocean. You can enjoy the rocky shoreline and exploring the many trails within the park. Another way to enjoy the history of the region and the park is to stop at the Seacoast Science Center, which has great exhibits about the region.

Kennebunkport, ME
As you continue your journey north along the coast of Maine, you might want to stop for a bit in the lovely town of Kennebunkport. This historic town is an excellent spot to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the state. Many of Kennebunkport’s historic mansions have been turned into inns, great for spending a night or two. As you explore Kennebunkport you will also find the Goat Island Lighthouse, an excellent fish market and much more.

Popham Beach State Park
Another fantastic park to discover is Popham Beach State Park, although this park is a little off the path you will probably take between Boston and Bangor, it is certainly worth the detour. As you travel to the park you will see the fascinating coastline of Maine. Popham Beach State Park is a great spot to enjoy the beautiful sandy beach. You might also want to plan a fun barbecue at this delightful park during your road trip.

Wiscasset, ME
You will discover many quaint and fun little towns during your journey along the coast of Maine. Another one of these towns that you could stop to explore is Wiscasset. This town is an excellent destination to enjoy historic architecture and see many historic buildings in one spot. For a time Wiscasset was a very significant shipping port. As time passed it’s importance waned, but many of the buildings from that period remain, making the town an excellent destination to see what the architecture of Maine was like.

Bangor, ME
After a delightful journey exploring the coastline and all of the interesting sights from Boston, you will arrive in Bangor. This city is a great point to end a road trip and enjoy a few relaxing days relaxing in beautiful Maine. Bangor is located along the Penobscot River. As you explore the city you are sure to learn about its importance in the lumber industry. You can visit some of Bangor’s plentiful museums to learn about the history of the city, including the Maine Forest and Logging Museum. The city also has a fun shopping district, excellent dining and more. If you plan you road trip well you might be able to reach Bangor in time to see the annual Maine Shakespeare Festival held each summer. If you are up for a bit more traveling you will find many places nearby to enjoy recreating, and if you are willing to extend you road trip by a bit you can even stop at the nearby Acadia National Park.

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