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Road Trip | Coastal, Georgia – Savannah to Cumberland Island

Hit the Road Drive Beautiful Coastal Georgia

Georgia’s coast offers some beautiful sites and attractions. This drive is a great way to enjoy the coast and the state of Georgia. Although Georgia may have a little less coastline than some of the surrounding state’s it is still a wonderful trip for any visitor. Travelers can start in the north in the romantic city of Savannah and travel south to the Cumberland Island National Seashore, along the way visiting some beautiful Georgia destinations.

Savannah is considered a fabulous romantic getaway, but if offers plenty of enjoyment for all visitors. The beautiful southern city combines historic architecture with modern fun. One way to enjoy the city is to take a carriage tour, not only is it a fun ride, but it is also affords much better views of the city. Savannah is also a great walking city with plenty to be seen and accommodations for walkers.

The city also has many wonderful attractions. Visitors should visit Tybee Island Lighthouse, which dates as far back as 1736. The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is another great Savannah destination. The French Gothic style Cathedral was completely devastated by a fire in 1898, only two years after it was completed. Everything but the outside walls were destroyed. Reconstruction began immediately, and the rebuilt Cathedral was dedicated in 1900. The Cathedral’s artwork, murals and stained glass windows were completed by 1912. In more recent years the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist has been restored, and it is well worth a visit to see many of its beautiful features.

Savannah is also a wonderful foodie destination. Visitors can spend their nights enjoying a small local bed and breakfast and days exploring the cities history and the delightful cuisine. For those looking for a little more of the home cooked style cuisine at the small cuisine. Savannah has great barbecue, as well as some wonderful shrimp, grits, boiled peanuts and many other options.

After exploring the wonderful city of Savannah travelers can drive down Route 17 to the city of Darien. Located in the Golden Isles, Darien has plenty of wonderful attractions. Visitors should start their exploration of Darien at Waterfront Park. This beautiful park has plenty of landscaping to enjoy along the Darien River. As visitors walk along the boardwalk they can see plenty of boats including the shrimp boat fleet. Darien is also a great destination for shopping, dining and relaxing.

Just a little south of Darien on Route 17 visitors can see the Butler Island Plantation. Once a rice plantation it is now a part of the Department of Natural Resources. However as visitors drive south along Route 17 it is an interesting site. Visitors can see the huge brick chimney in front of the house and read the plaque in front explaining its purpose. At this historic site visitors can learn about the rice plantation and mill as well as the Butler family that built the plantation.

Before stoping at Brunswick driver should be sure to stop at Saint Simon. Saint Simon Island is one of the Golden Isles. The island has beautiful beaches, with sandy seashore, and islands salt marshes. Visitors can also stop and the St. Simons Lighthouse, which is open to the public as a museum, and is also a functioning lighthouse. Saint Simon also has nature trails, bicycling, canoeing and kayaking opportunities.

Old Town Brunswick is another wonderful destination along this route. Visitors are sure to enjoy the historic downtown of the city, which has ongoing renovation and restoration projects preserving the beautiful historic buildings. Visitors can walk along the historic streets and enjoy the public squares. Visitors can enjoy the antique shops, galleries and restaurants located in the historic downtown area. Another wonderful adventure visitors can enjoy in Brunswick is a ride on the Lady Jane, a shrimp vessel that takes travelers offshore to experience shrimping.

Drivers can finish this wonderful Coastal Georgia road trip at the Cumberland Island National Seashore. Cumberland Island is the southernmost and the largest barrier island in Georgia. Visitors can see the maritime forests, beaches, marshes and more located in the designated wilderness areas. The island also has historic sites, ruins and much more. Cumberland Island also has the Dungeness ruins, which was originally built by General Nathanial Greene, and later built again by Thomas Carnegie. Plum Orchard Mansion is another place to visit on Cumberland Island. Plum Orchard Mansion was built by Lucy Carnegie for her son. In addition, visitors will the the First African Baptist Church in the Settlement and a Museum. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including, hiking ,camping, wildlife viewing and bicycling to name only a few.

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