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Road Trip | Cresent City, California to Ashland, Oregon

Nature and Shakespeare | Drive Crescent City to Ashland, OR


Oregon and California are wonderful states to enjoy on a road trip. One trip to combine both the coast of northern California and the interior of Oregon is to travel north from Crescent City, CA to Ashland, OR. Drivers can travel north along Highway 199 to the junction with I-5 south, which can be followed right into Ashland Oregon. Along the way there are many places of natural beauty, culture and more for visitors to enjoy.

Crescent City, CA
The starting point for his road trip on the California coast is the town of Crescent City, which is about 20 miles from the Oregon boarder. This little town is a great jumping off point to visit some of California’s beautiful State and National Forests and Parks, and it is certainly worth spending a few days enjoy all of the beautiful destination before heading north into the Klamath National Forest and the Rogue River National Forest. Nearby, visitors will find Pelican Bay, Lake Earl, Tolawa Dunes State park, Jedediah Smith State Park, Six Rivers National Forest, Klamath National Forest and Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park.

Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park
This fantastic California State Park offers visitors the chance to explore some of the stunning old growth redwoods forest found int the northern region of the state. Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park is unique because the Smith River cuts through the park. Visitors to this park not only get to enjoy the redwoods, the river, but also have the opportunity to explore the miles of trails throughout the park.

Grants Pass
As the journey continues north , drivers will come to the city of Grants Pass, Oregon. This city is located on the Rogue River and is a fun place to stop and explore the art and culture of southern Oregon, and is a gateway to  the amazing Rogue River and surrounding wilderness. Visitors can enjoy the Grants Pass Museum of Art, the beautiful art glass at The Glass Forge, and the history at the Applegate Trail Interpretive Center and The Schmidt House. This is also  a good destination to enjoy some local shopping in the historic downtown district, and more.

Rogue River
Continuing along the trip, drivers will follow the Rogue River for the next portion of the trip. The Rogue River is known for its fabulous whitewater rafting, which is a must-do activity for any road tripper that is looking for a bit of adventure. This river also has some beautiful, rugged scenery for travelers to enjoy.

Klamath National Forest
Covering over 1.5 million acres between California and Oregon, much of this road trip is spent traveling through this beautiful forest. Visitors to this forest will love the opportunity to explore the rugged terrain, and amazing forests. Travelers on this road trip can also make plans to enjoy some backcountry hiking and camping in the forests and meadows of the Klamath National Forest.

Siskiyou Mountain Park
Before reaching the final destination on the road trip, travelers can stop to explore the Siskiyou Mountain Park. This section of land is set aside and can be used for hiking, biking and more. For those road trippers looking to enjoy some fabulous trails close to the town of Ashland.

Ashland, OR
The final stop on this road trip, Ashland, is located near the California border in the foothills of the Siskiyou and Cascade Ranges in Oregon. Ashland is most well known for the annual Oregon Shakespeare Festival. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival has an eight and a half month season, which shows eleven plays plus many other activities. Attendance at the Festival can reach over 400,000. Visitors to Ashland also have the opportunity to enjoy the Ashland Independent Film Festival in April, or attend the Food and wine Classic in November. Ashland is also home to Southern Oregon’s first park, Lithia Park, which covers 93 acres right off the downtown plaza. Lithia Park has Japanese Gardens, tennis courts, duck ponds and much more. 

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