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Road Trip | Great Lakes Seaway Trail

Hit The Road & Drive the Great Lakes Seaway Trail

Niagara-falls ballon-rideTravel through New York & Pennsylvania following the shorelines of Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, the Niagara River and the St. Lawrence River.

Road trip enthusiasts can take a great trip along the Great Lakes Seaway Trail. The trail passes through New York and Pennsylvania, and follows along the shorelines of Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, the Niagara River and the St. Lawrence River. Travelers along this trail can enjoy a wide range of activities along this National Scenic Highway.

The Great Lakes Seaway Trail is 518 miles long, and is a great path to follow to see some excellent destinations. All along the trail there are many activities to enjoy, attractions to explore and more. Travelers can enjoy sportfishing, biking, hiking, as well as exploring historic sites and more. Throughout the region there are maritime, military and other historic sites.

In addition to enjoying a wide variety of recreational opportunities, travelers can stop at a few fascinating attractions. These attractions include Presque Isle, Niagara Falls, the Thousand Islands and more. This byway also has over 20 lighthouses, and many historic sites of the War of 1812.

Travelers on this pathway should be sure to stop at Presque Isle State Park in Pennsylvania. This park is a unique destination, and is designated as a National Natural Landmark. Visitors to this par can enjoy a wide variety of nature watching, including some rare and endangered species. This park is also great for enjoying the miles of beaches, as well as hiking and biking throughout the area. Visitors during the winter can also enjoy plenty of activities, including ice fishing, cross-country skiing and more.

Continuing along the Great Lakes Seaway Trail, travelers can also stop and enjoy the beautiful Niagara Falls and explore Old Fort Niagara. Niagara Falls is three waterfalls that are created by the Niagara River pouring over a cliff. Visitors to Niagara Falls can enjoy views of the spectacular falls by taking a boat tour on the Niagara River. The Niagara Reservation State Park also allows access to Goat Island.

Old Fort Niagara is another fantastic destination along the byway. This Fort is located at the mouth of the Niagara River. This Fort has belonged to France, Britain and the United States over time. Travelers can take a tour of the French Castle. There are many other buildings on the Fort, where visitors can learn about the history and importance of the waterway over time.

Throughout this road trip, travelers will find many different historic lighthouses to explore. The Port Erie Lighhouses. There are three lighthouses, two are located at Presque Isle State Park. All three of these lighthouses are great historic sites along the Seaway. There are also many more lighthouses to be explored along this route.

Travelers along the Great Lakes Seaway Trail will find many amazing sites to explore. The region is filled with history. There are many museums and other destinations along the route. In addition there are many parks, and other areas for road trippers enthusiastic about recreation. There are miles of beautiful beaches, many places to enjoy watching rare wildlife and birds and much more.

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