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Road Trip | Green River

Green River Road Trip Through Wyoming, Colorado and Utah

Something for Everyone – Fishing, Rafting, Nature and Native American History

The Green River flows through Wyoming, Colorado and Utah, until it flows into the Colorado River. Much of this river is located in Utah, and it is in Utah that road trippers and rafters alike will find some of the best sections to enjoy whitewater adventures.

Road trippers can start their trip in the northeastern corner of Utah, in the Ashley National Forest, in the Uinta Mountains. The Ashley National Forest provides some excellent opportunities for recreating. The forests are thick with beautiful trees. Then the river flows through the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area.

Visitors to this area can enjoy water sports on the Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Flaming Gorge has beautiful rock formations and petroglyphs. In addition to being an excellent sport for water sports, the Flaming Gorge Reservoir also has amazing fishing.

As the river flows on, it enters Dinosaur National Monument, which is were rafting enthusiasts will find all sorts of options for rafting trips. From nice day trips, to extreme whitewater rafting, the Green River in Dinosaur National Monument has something for everyone.

The best time of year to plan a road and rafting trip on this river is between early April through October. Not only is this time period the best time to find good rapids on the river, but it is also the best time of year to enjoy the beautiful scenery. During the late spring and summer the remote landscapes of Dinosaur National Monument are filled with spectacular beauty.

Beginning rafters and those looking for a short pleasant trip, the Green River Daily is a nine-mile stretch of the river. This trip can take anywhere from half a day to a day, and for more experienced rafters it can be done without a guide. However, there are many guided options for the less experienced rafting enthusiasts, and those that just enjoy taking guided trips. Visitors to the Green River can find this beginning of this segment of the river at the Nefertiti Rapid.

Another calm section of the river is the Labyrinth and Stillwater Canyon section. This stretch of river, extends for 100 miles, through beautiful canyons, until it reaches the point where the Green River reaches the Colorado River. Along this beautiful calm stretch of river, travelers can take in the sites by raft, canoe and even power boat. One great feature to keep an eye out for is the Crystal Geyser, this geyser erupts over 60 feet into the air, and is an amazing sight.

Desolation Canyon is a beautiful section of the river that passes through the Tavaputs Plateau. This is an amazing section of the river, the gorge is remote and very deep. Rafters taking this trip will find over 60 rapids, most of which are fairly calm. Some amazing sights on this section on top of the gorge are the petroglyphs, old homesteads, beaches and more.

One of the very best rafting tips in Utah, is Lodore Canyon. This trip is filled with beautiful scenery, including waterfalls, rock formations and more. Throughout this section in Dinosaur National Monument there is a wide variety of wildlife to observe. Lodore also has the best rapids on the river. These three rapids are Disaster Falls, Triplet Falls and Hells Half Mile. Lodore has everything that the road tripper and river rafter want, there are sights, wildlife, and of course amazing rapids.

Those travelers that are looking for a great spring and summer adventure to Utah should be sure to explore the Green River. The area is filled with beautiful sights and many recreational opportunities. Visitors to the Green River will find a variety of rapids with differing levels of difficulty, paired with beautiful geological and natural features.

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