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Road Trip | Low Country, South Carolina

Hit the Road in South Carolina’s Lowcountry


South Carolina’s Low Country or Lowcountry, is found along the coast. It includes the southern coast of the state, and the sea islands. On a road trip through this region visitors will find lovely coastal towns, beaches, islands, lots of history and more. Road trippers can travel from Charleston south to the border with Georgia, or continue into Savannah.


Charleston is a beautiful city and it is filled with destinations to explore. Visitors can enjoy the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. These beautiful gardens and the plantation have a long history. The gardens are open year-round and are in bloom year-round. Boone Hall Plantation is another worthy attraction in Charleston. Visitors to Boone Hall can take tours of the house, the gardens, and much more. Charleston has plenty of live theater and music performances, as well as a wide range of art exhibits. The Old Slave Mart Museum in another must see Charleston destination. The Old Slave Mart Museum is housed in a building that was once used as a slave auction gallery. Today the museum gives visitors a glimpse into the history of the slave trade in South Carolina. The Old Slave Mart museum especially focuses on the history of the building, which was once part of a complex known as Ryan’s Mart.

Edisto Island

Edisto Island is filled with small town charm. Visitors to this island will find that the town has preserved their local charm. At Edisto Island travelers can enjoy the slower pace of the island. This region is also great for exploring the marshes and oak trees and beaches.


Beaufort is one of the oldest town in South Carolina. The history of the town and surrounding island stretches back almost 500 years. Visitors to Beaufort can learn about the history of the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and Gullah Culture. Throughout the area surrounding Beaufort and in the town there are many points of historic interest, including many churches and more. Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful white sandy beaches and lots of water recreation including kayaking, boating and sailing.

Hunting Island State Park

This state park is known for its amazing sandy beach. Visitors will love spending time enjoying the beach. In addition the park is open for camping, allowing visitors to enjoy the island even more. Visitors should be sure to spend some time at the Hunting Island Lighthouse, which is open to the public. From the top of the lighthouse visitors can see for miles, enjoying views of the ocean and surrounding sea islands. Hunting Island State Park also has a lagoon which is great for fishing, hiking trails and even exhibits at the Nature Center.

Fripp Island

Fripp Island is another one of the South Carolina Sea Islands, and it is a wildlife sanctuary. This is a popular vacation destination during the summer season, but it is uncrowded during the off-season, with only a small population of permanent residents. Visitors to the island can enjoy a beautiful vacation at the resort, while also enjoying access to the islands beaches, kayaking, and golfing.

Hilton Head Island

This beautiful South Carolina barrier island is another wonderful getaway destination. Visitors can enjoy relaxing on the beach and enjoying all of the amenities of the resorts.While staying visitors can enjoy taking bike rides and kayak tours as well as dining on the delicious cuisine and much more.

Savannah, Georgia

This beautiful Lowcountry city combines historic architecture with modern fun. Visitors can take a carriage tour of the city, which is fun and affords much better views of the city. Savannah is also a great walking city, with plenty to be seen and many accommodations for walkers. Visitors should be sure to visit the Tybee Island Lighthouse, which dates back as far as 1736. The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is another great Savannah destination. The French Gothic style Cathedral was completely devastated by a fire in 1898, only two years after it was completed. Everything but the outside walls were destroyed. Reconstruction began immediately, and the rebuilt Cathedral was dedicated in 1900. The Cathedral’s artwork, murals and stained glass windows were completed by 1912. In more recent years the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist has been restored, and it is well worth a visit to see many of its beautiful features.

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