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Road Trip | North and South Dakota

Road Trip Across The Dakotas

North and South Dakota are home to a variety of amazing natural features and national treasures. Road trippers can explore the beauties of the Black Hills, the prairies and landscapes of the Badlands and the awe-inspiring Mount Rushmore National Park. The Dakotas are filled with fun activities, fascinating attractions, history and much more.

The Black Hills, located in western South Dakota are a beautiful part of the country, with rolling hills covered in Ponderosa Pine. Road Trippers through the Black Hills National Forest can enjoy the sites on the Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway, which is one of the best ways to enjoy the views and beauty of the Black Hills. Travelers can also enjoy time camping, hiking, biking and much more.

While traveling through the Black Hills National Forest, road trippers should be sure to stop at Mount Rushmore National Monument, which celebrates four of our nation’s greatest presidents, Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln. After enjoying the awe-inspiring view of the four faces carved into the stone face, visitors can take a guided range tour of the National Monument and even stay for the evening program with the lighting of the faces.

Also found within the Black Hills National Forest is another figure carved into the stone. Visitors to South Dakota should be sure to stop at the Crazy Horse Memorial. Started in 1948, the Crazy Horse Memorial is still in progress. Crazy Horse was a Lakota chief, known for his loyalty and upright character, and is an important figure in the history of the Dakotas. Visitors to Crazy Horse Memorial can also visit the Indian Museum of North America, the Native American and Cultural Center and can even see the American Indian dancers throughout the summer.

Custer State Park, as travelers continue their adventure, is home to some of the country’s wild areas. The Wildlife Loop Road, which travels around the southern edge of the park has some spectacular opportunities to see wildlife up close. This park is home to over 1,000 bison and many other species. Travelers can also enjoy the granite “Needles,” slender rock outcroppings, which can be viewed from the Needles Highway

Continuing through South Dakota travelers can also explore the amazing landscapes protected in the Badlands National Park. Millions of years of sediments and minerals have been exposed by the elements within this park, providing stunning landscapes. In addition, the park also protects one of the largest expanses of mixed-grass prairie in the country. Visitors to the Badlands can enjoy hiking, camping, wildlife watching and even learning about the amazing fossil deposits.

Those travelers looking for some fun tourist activities can stop at Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota. Surrounded by miles of sunflower, corn and soybean fields, Wall is home to the fascinating Wall Drug and old-fashioned drug store. Here visitors are sure to find a souvenir of their trip, from moccasins to jack-a-lopes, dinosaur statues and Old West curiosities.

Journeying across the Dakotas is an amazing experience. The landscape is filled with varied scenes and amazing natural features. Here visitors can see some amazing wildlife, and learn about some of the fascinating history of our country. Road trippers should also keep an eye out for the beautiful prairie flowers, including daisies, cornflowers, black-eyed-susans, sun flowers, and more, which brighten the roadside views during your travels.

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