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Road Trip | Road to Hana, Hawaii

Maui Road Trip on The Road to Hana

Beautiful Maui is full of excellent recreation and other destinations. One great way to enjoy some of what Maui has to offer is to road trip along the stunning Road to Hana. The road stretches from Kahului to Hana, and is a little over 50 miles. This winding road is a fantastic way to experience the north and east shores of Maui and many of the fun places the island has to offer.

The Hana Highway, also known as Highway 360 has 600 curves and many bridges. It travels through some of the most beautiful and unspoiled landscapes in Maui, including beaches, waterfalls, rainforest and much more. Although the road is only 50 miles or so, it can take up to four hours to drive the entire road without stopping because of all of the curbs and hairpin turns. Of course the best way to enjoy all that the Road to Hana has to offer is to take a leisurely trip, making many stops and exploring some of the key destinations along the way.

Start the trip in Kahului and head towards Hana on Highway 360. Along the way there are plenty of destinations to enjoy. As the Highway travels along the northern shore of Maui there are beaches, gardens, lush forests and much more. Those travelers driving on the road during the winter should stop to watch the surfers brave the waves at Jaws, off of Pauwela Point. This area is known for its gigantic waves, which only the very bees surfers attempt.

All along the Road to Hana there are amazing opportunities to take photographs. One fantastic photo opportunity is the Painted Bark Eucalyptus Trees. Travelers along the road can also stop to see waterfalls along the road, and stop to hike up to other waterfalls. It is even possible to stop and swimming the pools at the base of some waterfalls. The waterfalls surrounded by beautiful lush vegetation are perfect for cooling down, enjoying some time out of the care and taking amazing photos to remember the trip.

Another point of interest along the Highway is the Keanae Peninsula. On the Keanae Peninsula travelers can look over the peninsula, which was created by a huge lava flow. Now visitors can see the beauty of the region as well as a great spot for taro fields. The Keanae Arboretum is another destination worth exploring. The Arboretum has many fascinating examples of Hawaiian flora.

Travelers should also make sure to stop at Waianapanapa State Park. Just outside of Hana, this park has a stunning black sand beach, as well as caves, a natural stone arch, a blow hole and much more within the park. Visitors to the park can even hike along the trail to explore all of the interesting formations from the volcanic activity and erosion.

Once visitors reach the lovely town of Hana there is plenty to see and enjoy. Hana is still relatively isolated from the rest of the island. Visitors to Hana should be sure to stop at the Hasegawa General Store. The Hana Ranch Store is another fun shopping destination in Hana. The town also has excellent swimming and beaches. The nearby Hamoa Beach is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Travelers can also visit the red sand beach at Kaihalulu Beach.

Beyond Hana, for these travelers that want to continue the trip for a bit longer can visit the Haleakala National Park. This park is home to the Pools of Oheo, waterfalls flow into the pools, and the water flows back into the sea from the tiered pools. Visitors can even swim in these beautiful pools.

All along the miles of the Hana Highway travelers will find stunning beauty, fascinating destinations and much more. This day trip is filled with amazing sights that can be remembered forever. The waterfalls, forests, the town of Hana, the parks and sealing are all stunning along this winding section of road, making this a fantastic road trip option.

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