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Road Trips | Texas Gulf Coast

Driving The Texas Gulf Coast

The beautiful Gulf Coast of Texas is a fantastic year-round destination. Visitors to this region of the country can enjoy wonderful warm and sunny destination, as well as plenty of recreation and wildlife viewing. The Texas Gulf Coast is filled with wonderful attractions and is an excellent area to enjoy a road trip.

Road trippers can start and base their travels on the Texas Gulf Coast in the fun cit of Corpus Christi. Within this city there are many fun attractions, attractions that the whole family can enjoy. Throughout the year Corpus Christi is filled with activities for all visitors to enjoy.

The Texas State Aquarium, is a fun spot to see plenty of wildlife. Children will love the Living Shores touch pool. In addition, the aquarium is home to dolphins, turtles, otters and many more aquatic species. Children will also love a visit to the Bob Hall Pier, where they can watch and maybe even try fishing from the pier. Fishermen can catch tarpon, trout, mackerel and even kingfish when fishing from the Bob Hall pier.

The South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center is a fantastic destination in Corpus Christi for flower and plant enthusiasts. Visitors to the botanical gardens have varieties of orchids, a rose garden, as well as tropical flowers, wetlands, forests and more.

Wildlife enthusiasts can stop at the Hans A. Suter Wildlife Park, which is home to ducks, pelicans and other species. In addition, the wildlife has plenty of trails for visitors to watch for wildlife. the Ships of Christopher Columbus tour at the park is another fun activity, with ours of full-sized replicas of the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria.

Travelers on the Texas Gulf Coast and travel to nearby Rockport. From Rockport, ravelers can charter small sailboats and take a fun cruise north to San Antonio Bay. Also north of Rockport and Port Aransas is Fulton, which hosts the Oysterfest festival. Attendees of Oysterfest can take rides, enjoy delicious food, participate or watch the oyster-eating festival or the dart-throwing game.

The Texas Gulf Coast also has some beautiful wildlife areas and protected barrier islands. One of these islands is Matagorda Island, which is a 56,000-acre state park and wildlife refuge. The island is 38 miles long and supports a wide variety of wildlife. Visitors to this barrier island should keep an eye out for various migratory birds, whooping cranes, white-tailed deer, and many more species. In addition, visitors can enjoy saltwater fishing, birding, and more. Matagorda Island is also the  home of the Matagorda Island Lighthouse on the north end of the island, and explore the lighthouse grounds.

Padre Island National Seashore is another example of a protected barrier island. The National Seashore protects the longest undeveloped stretch of barrier island in the world. Visitors can enjoy over 70 miles of sandy beach. These white sand beaches have warm and nice sand dunes, great for beach driving, biking, camping, birdwatching, fishing, swimming and much more. The beachcombing at Padre Island is particularly good because of the items brought to shore by the currents in the Gulf of Mexico, including seashells and much more. Visitors should be aware that there are strong currents offshore, so care should be taken when swimming.

South Padre Island is another fun destination on the Texas Gulf Coast. South Padre Island and the Gulf Coast of Texas has excellent vacation weather throughout the year, with warm temperatures and pleasant sea breezes. Visitors will find all sorts of water activities to enjoy, including snorkeling, parasailing, scuba diving, kitboarding and much more. It is also a birders paradise, with over 300 species of birds on the islands. The island also has plenty of attractions including a lighthouse and much more.

Visitors to the Texas Gulf Coast are sure to find many different exciting activities to enjoy. Throughout the year’s beautiful tropical weather visitors can enjoy water activities, sandy beaches, wildlife and the region’s history. In the evening there is live music, delicious dining and much more. The region is filled with warm waters, sandy beaches, wildlife, barrier islands and much more.

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