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The Right RV Gear Makes Your Trip More Fabulous

Every experienced RV enthusiasts has a list of their favorite accessories and gear to bring along when the travel. Here are a few items that are a great addition to your collection of RV gear, if you don’t already have them.

– Shower Head with an on-off switch
– Water Filter
– RV sized dish drainer and tray
– Mosquito and bug repellant lamp
– Folding chairs, even better folding chairs with a sun umbrella for increased sun safety
– Window and door screens, to keep the bugs out and let the fresh air in
– Mini barbecue
– Door mat to keep out dirt from frequent trips in and out
– Extension cord, should fit the power cord so you can have power when the cord isn’t long enough
– Electrical adapters, depending on the type of service your RV has and what is offered at RV sites
– Surge protectors, to protect your electronics from all types of power surges
– Extra lengths of water hose, preferably white RV water hose
– Level, to aid in leveling the RV
– Fridge and cupboard bars, which keep items on the shelves
– Tire covers will protect your tires from aging due to exposure to the sun
– Leveling and wheel blocking
– Extra sections of sewer hose
– Garden hose
– Tool kit
– Mini shop vacuum
– Small axe or hatchet
– Spare light bulbs and fuses
– Spare Tire
– Pressure regulator for the water hose
– First aid kit
– Lighter

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