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RVing Women

Today, thousands of women are enjoying the independence that comes with the RVing lifestyle. Traveling with their homes ‘on their backs’ and the open road in front of them, women are hitting the highway like never before. Many are retirees, but they aren’t all. Visit with the RVing women in your local campground and you’ll likely meet people who can do their work from home (thanks to the power of the internet), moms homeschooling their kids, empyt-nesters, and women who are eager to see the country.

These women may be a disparate bunch, but they’re all drawn to RVing by the same thing — independence. When you live in an RV, you can change direction on a whim, head to a place where the weather suits your taste, or criss-cross the country visiting friends along the way (and you never need to ask them to put you up in a spare room, since you bring your own). RVing allows a person to enjoy the amenities of a campground one night and spend the next in a remote lot with a stunning view and no neighbors other than birds and a few furry friends.

Many of women on the road are retirees. These women may be snow birds who head to the warm southern reaches during the winter and then return to explore the northern part of the country during the summer when the sun is shining. But many also find that they’re able to work remotely. With wi-fi wireless internet hook-ups available at nearly every campground in the country, anyone who works online can continue to do their jobs on the road.

If you’re interested in hitting the road alone, with your family, or with a good friend, but aren’t sure how to get started, consider taking an RV driving class. You can join an RV club and caravan with others for short trips — this will help you get used to your rig in a safe situation. When you travel alone, be sure to always have at least half a tank of gas, plenty of emergency supplies, and extra food and supplies for your pet, if you’re traveling with one.

The next time you’re moving down the highway and you spot a woman behind the wheel of an RV, remember that their numbers are growing and growing. Women are enjoying the freedom that comes with the RVing life — freedom from a mortgage, freedom to get into the great outdoors, and freedom to go wherever they want. If you’re considering hitting the road, there’s no better time to get started!

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