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Save Some Camping Cash

Tips for Saving Money While RVing

Let’s face it, everyone likes a deal…to save some cash or get a little something extra. Fortunately for today’s RVers there’s a nice variety of campground discount programs to choose from and easy ways to find campgrounds that take those discounts. Typically “membership” clubs require an annual fee to join, these programs offer anywhere from 10 to 50% off at specified campgrounds and RV parks across the country and in Canada. Once you join keep your membership card handy so you’ll reap the benefits.


Family Motor Coach Association is a club for motor coach owners offering a campground discount program as part of their membership benefits. To join you must own a Motorhome or Class C – not a towable – and the first year’s fee is $45/year dropping to $35/year thereafter. Discounts of 10% are available at FMCA commercial members and 15% at Outdoor Resorts of America.


The Escapees Club is the RV club for full-time RVers. Escapees make their own deals with parks providing a 15% discount to card carrying Escapee members. They also have their own park system that offers very reasonable rates to SKPs (say it and you’ll understand what SKP means…see). The park discounts Escapees provide are a side bar to their main full-timer benefits so, discount speaking, the fee is steep at around $60/year.


The Automobile Club of America is a club that many campers belong to for their everyday auto travels but they can also receive camping discounts. Typically 10%, AAA members of every state simply show their membership card when checking in to parks offering this benefit.


AARP offers membership – at $12.50/year – to those over 50 years old. Like many of the other clubs, camping discounts are but one of the many benefits of membership. Show your AARP card at check-in and receive a 10% discount at participating campgrounds.

Find Campgrounds and RV Parks that Accept Discounts

The easiest way to find RV parks and campgrounds that honor these discounts is by using an online campground directory like the one found on camping.com. Where you can search for campgrounds by affiliate discount program and other amenities, since a discount might not be the most important part of choosing the RV Park.

Save More Money Make Reservations Online
With easy access to high-speed internet and a world of campgrounds just a few clicks away reserving a campsite online has never been easier and it can save you time and money on phone calls or minutes on your cell phone bill.

Watch Your Pennies…

Membership clubs and online reservations are a wonderful way to save a little money. Look for more money saving tips in upcoming issues of RV News.

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