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Each year many people who have the time migrate south to the American Sun Belt. People choose to leave the cold winters of the northern states to bask in the sunny climates in the southern states. No matter where these people come from or where they go, snowbirding is a great way to enjoy the best weather of the country and enjoy the wide variety of places.

Most of the time people use the word snowbird in reference to retirees that travel to a southern state during the winter months. However, snowbirding is certainly not limited to retirees, although they do have more freedom to spend multiple months away from their main place of residence.

Southern states that have a large population of snowbirds include California, Arizona, Florida, North and South Carolina and Texas. All of these states have their mild weather during the winter. Winter is the very best time of year to visit most of Arizona, as a large portion of the state becomes unbelievably hot during the summer months. Many people from the midwest and the northeast pack up each year and travel to these milder states to enjoy mild climates throughout the year. Some of these people eventually decide to permanently relocate after finding a suitable location.

There are many different ways that people choose to accomplish their snowbirding. Some people like to travel in their RV, others have a second home in a location of their choosing. The second home provides all of the luxuries that a house can offer, but it doesn’t allow the freedom to explore.

Many snowbirds travel in their RV’s all over the Sun Belt region. Traveling in an RV allows you to pack up everything you will want or need for a long period of time and you can take these items wherever you go. RV travelers have the ability to travel all over in their own home. Some RVs can be somewhat small, but for those that can afford the larger RVs they can be large enough to almost be the size of a small house.

RV travelers get to go wherever they want. There are RV parks and campsites with RV amenities throughout the United States and especially the southwest. In a RV snowbirds can choose to set up a semi-permanent residence in one spot. They can also explore a wide variety of places. RVs give travelers the freedom to explore cities, National Parks, rural areas, basically any place they can think of going.

For those people that have the ability to leave their homes for a few months during the winter to explore the southern areas there are many amazing experiences to have. Throughout the country there are so many places to explore and spend time getting to know. Traveling during the winter like snowbirds do, allows the freedom to really explore any place you may want to visit.

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