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If you’re looking for a way to have fun in the snow, cover a lot of terrain, and explore some gorgeous new territory, then it’s time to give snowmobiling a try. This is a great activity for anyone who loves to drive and enjoys the challenge of steering through snow. Many snowmobiles are big enough to carry two, so one person can ride, if they prefer to take in the scenery and let someone do the driving.

Safety comes first whenever you go snowmobiling. It’s important to always wear a helmet with straps that fasten under your chin. Before you set out, find out if there’s any avalanche danger along your route. If recent snows have made avalanches a possibility, plan a different route that leads you through a safer area.

To get started, sit at a comfortable distance from the handlebars and put your feet in the metal stirrups at the front of the snowmobile. These will help you stay upright when you turn. The controls are all near the handlebars: the brake is on the left and the throttle on the right. Snowmobile brakes can be touchy, reacting to even a slight pull, so you’ll find that you can often slow yourself by just letting up on the throttle instead of braking, especially in deep snow.

If you’ve driven a car on ice or snow, you’ll use those same skills when driving your snowmobile. You’ll want to turn into skids and slides, and pump the brakes in order to stop or slow down. Snowmobiling is also like riding a bike. You’ll need to lean into the turns, just as you would on a bicycle, and you’ll find that steering is easier at higher speeds than at slower speeds. If this is your first time out, spend a little time leaning from side to side while your sled is still stationary, so you can get a feel for its weight and how far you can lean.

As you get started, take things slow. It’s normal to fall off a few times when you’re starting out, and you want to make sure you do this while traveling at a nice, slow speed. Always keep a good distance between you and other snowmobiles, and be sure to never get your foot caught in the runners. Wear warm clothes, and have fun! With your helmet on and precautions in place, you’re ready for a great day in the snow.

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