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Southwest Art and Culture – Santa Fe

Camp and RV – Santa Fe, New Mexico

The beautiful city of Santa Fe is a fabulous destination for outdoor enthusiasts, history buffs, and art and culture lovers. Santa Fe highlights the unique culture of the southwest. As one of the oldest cities in the country, visitors have an excellent opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich history of the city. After learning all about the fascinating history, visitors can also enjoy the outdoors, parks, and opportunities to learn about the culture of the native peoples and the southwest today.

Santa Fe is located in the foothills of the southern Rocky Mountains. At an elevation of 7,000 feet, it is both one of the highest and one of the oldest capitals in the country. The region gets about 300 days of sun each year. Even on the hottest days of summer the temperatures can have a temperature range of thirty degrees, caused by the high altitude. Daytime temperatures are the highest in June, and the city has snow between November and April.

Today Santa Fe is known as an amazing arts and culture destination. Visitors can find over 300 galleries and art dealers during a trip to the city. For those visitors that want to learn about the wide range of arts, culture and history in the city, there are many different museums to explore. One excellent museum and destination to visit is the Palace of Governors and the New Mexico Museum of history. The Palace of Governors was once the seat of government when the state was occupied by the Spanish. Now this historic building is not the state’s history museum.

Art enthusiast should be sure to visit Santa Fe during August. Every year, in August, Santa Fe hosts the Indian Market. This is now the largest market showcasing Native American art in the world. Visitors will find hundreds of booths in Santa Fe Plaza, which have all different kinds of art, including baskets, jewelry, sculpture and much more. These booths are set up by over a thousands artists, that represent over a hundred different tribes. The Indian Market is an amazing opportunity to see an stunning collection of art, and many galleries also have openings during this time.

There are many fun ways to explore all that the city of Santa Fe has to offer. Visitors can take guided tours of the city, either a walking tour or take a tram tour of the city. Paranormal enthusiasts might enjoy a ghost tour of the city. Santa Fe also has a historic railway, that offers scenic trips and special holiday trips as well.

On top of a wide range of amazing tours, culture, art and history, Santa Fe is also an amazing destination for outdoor recreation. No matter what type of recreation visitors are looking for, Santa Fe has something nearby. There are plenty of places to hike, bike, swim, raft, horseback ride, fishing, snowshoeing, skiing and more. In addition to many parks within the city, there is also plenty of wilderness nearby as well.

Santa Fe is an amazing city in New Mexico and a fabulous destination for any vacationer. It is a world renowned destination for art and culture. Visitors will also find all sorts of recreation and exploration to enjoy as well.

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