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Spring Break Camping with Teens

Spring Break Camping with Teens

As spring break season approaches, you and your teenager probably want to plan a great vacations. Spring break is often just short enough to make most destinations hard to get to and enjoy, but it is too long to dispense with the adventure and stay home. This year, get your teenager involved in planning a camping trip.

Your teenager may not be terribly excited about going on a camping trip that you plan, but you can get them more excited about the trip by involving them in the planning. If your teen feels like their opinion is valued and important, they will be far more engaged.

Ask them where they would like to go.  They may have some really creative destination ideas. Often you teen may want to go somewhere that is far beyond the economic and time constraints. Tell your teen what the limitations for the trip are, treat them like a responsible adult, and they are more likely to have great input for the trip.

When choosing a destination, find a spot that has plenty of activities for everyone to engage in. Outdoor activities like rafting, hiking, biking, boating, and rock climbing are great options. Even if your budget makes it difficult to travel far from home, you can find a great camp site nearby and still plan a great trip.

Another good idea when planning a camping trip with your teen is to find a camp site that is a popular destination. Your teen will have more fun if they have the opportunity to make new friends during their trip. Teens always seem to prefer the company of other kids of their own age rather than the company of their family. Asking your teen to invite a friend along on your camping trip is also a good way to engage them.

It is important while camping with your teen to remember that, at this stage in their life, they are seeking more independence — which is hard to accomplish while on a family vacation. You can make this easier by providing them with accommodations of their own. It is a great idea to bring a tent along for your teen, especially if they bring a friend along. You can also allow them a certain amount of freedom around the campsite and during your vacation adventures.

Camping with your teen, especially on a well planned and well executed trip, can be a great family adventure. You will have an even more fabulous time, as will your teen, if you take their views and needs into consideration. Plan plenty of activities, stay busy, and your teenager will forget to act sullen.  Instead they will have fun throughout the trip, even with their family!

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