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Guide to Massachusetts State Parks


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Top Massachusetts State Parks

Bish Bash Falls State Park

Bash Bish Falls State Park is also a great destination. Bash Bish Falls State Park is home to the tallest waterfall in Massachusetts, Bash Bish Falls. These falls are an amazing natural wonder and the falls have a stunning drop of over eighty feet.

DAR State Forest

The DAR State Forest is located in the foothills of the Berkshires. Visitors to this state forest will enjoy all of the opportunities for recreation, including swimming, hiking and biking on the miles of trails through the forest. During the winter the park is great for ice fishing, ice skating, cross country skiing and more. In addition visitors have the opportunity to climb the Goshen Fire Tower, which provides views of the surrounding area. Visitors will also learn the history of this forest, the first land was donated by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), and since that time the forest has been a wonderful destination in the state.

Douglas State Forest

This state forest borders the state’s of Connecticut and Rhode Island. It is an amazing destination for year round recreation. Visitors are sure to love all of the opportunities for hiking on miles of trails, as well as swimming and more on Wallum Lake. In addition the Midstate Trail passes through this forest, and within the forest there is an portion designated as a Massachusetts Wildland, which protects a piece of Atlantic White Cedar swampland. Visitors can explore the swampland on a boardwalk trail. During the winter the trails are great for cross-country skiing and more.

Dunn Pond State Park

Dunn Pond State Park is a fantastic Massachusetts destination for water recreation throughout the year. The pond is wonderful for fishing, swimming, canoeing and other types of non-motorized boating. Visitors can also enjoy hiking on the trails, which are also great for cross-country skiing in the winter. Another wonderful feature of this park is the great fireplace in the Visitor Center, which often has a cozy fire during the winter months.

Great Brook Farm State Park

This state park is filled with things for visitors to explore. This park has a working dairy farm on it, which has been at the site for over 60 years. Visitors to the park can take tours of the dairy facility, as well as barn tours. On these tours visitors can see the robotic milking system, the dairy cows and more. Great Brook Farm State Park also has plenty of trails for walking, hiking, biking and cross country skiing in the winter.

Moore State Park

Moore State Park is filled with Massachusetts history. The site of this park was both a saw mill and a private estate, at different times in history. Visitors to this park can see both the foundations of the saw mill and the beautiful plants and flowers found throughout the park. All of these features can be enjoyed on the wooded paths, which lead to waterfalls and more.

Mount Greylock State Reservation

Mount Greylock is the highest point in Massachusetts, and Mount Greylock State Reservation is a great place to enjoy some recreation and sightseeing in the beautiful Berkshires. This area is very accessible and it has some great recreational opportunities. There are plenty of hiking trails to enjoy, it is a great spot to enjoy some camping and backpacking. Mount Greylock State Reservation is also a good spot to enjoy some winter recreation.

Nickerson State Park

Located in Cape Cod, visitors will find a wide range of different types of activities at this state park. Visitors will find that this park is wooded and has many ponds. The ponds on the park were created by glaciers 10,000 years ago, and are fed by groundwater and rain. Visitors to this park can explore these ponds by biking or hiking on the trails. In addition the park is great for trout fishing.

Pilgrim Memorial State Park

Pilgrim Memorial State Park is home to Plymouth Rock. This symbol of the forefathers of America, is located right on the waterfront of Plymouth. Visitors to the rock can learn about the long history and path that the rock took to get to its current location. Plymouth rock was actually moved to its current location, and in the process the rock broke, so actually only part of the original rock is under the canopy built to celebrate this part of American history.

Walden Pond State Reservation

Walden Pond was the home of Henry David Thoreau for over 2 years, and it is now considered the starting point of the conservation movement. Visitors to Walden Pond State Reservation can enjoy the open space and pond that inspired Thoreau. The park offers programs and tours. In addition visitors can enjoy swimming, hiking and more.

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