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Ludington State Park
Located between Hamlin Lake and Lake Michigan this state park has lots of shoreline. Visitors can enjoy the beaches, water and much more. In addition visitors can enjoy the sand dunes, marshland and forest. The park is also great for camping, hiking, biking, boating and much more. Visitors will love the beautiful sand dunes and shoreline on the sunny summer days.

Mackinac Island State Park
This beautiful island is a fabulous destination for all visitors to Michigan. Mackinac Island State Park is Michigan’s first state park. Within this park visitors can enjoy the historic Fort Mackinac, where visitors are transported back in time, with re-enactors portraying 1880s Victorian soldiers and ladies. Visitors can take a horse drawn carriage tour of the park. In addition visitors can tour the original buildings and enjoy many more attractions.

Newaygo State Park
Newaygo State Park is a great Michigan park for rustic camping. Visitors can camp overlooking Hardy Dam Pond, which is a flooding of the Muskegon River. While camping at this park visitors can enjoy swimming, fishing, boating an dome. The comfortable sites and fishing opportunities make this a wonderful spot for anglers and boaters alike.

Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park
This state park is one of the largest wilderness areas in the Midwest. Within the 60,000 acres of the park there are forests, lakes, rivers and plenty of recreation to enjoy. Visitors can spend time camping, hiking, biking, fishing, wildlife watching and more. The park is also a great backcountry camping and hiking destinations, but visitors should be sure to keep an eye out for black bears.

Silver Lake State Park
Visitors looking for a little fun at the beach should stop at Silver Lake Sand Dunes. The dunes are located in the Silver Lake State Park. These dunes are located on the shores of Lake Michigan, this is a great place to enjoy water sports and a fund day at the beach. These dunes are a great spot to climb up the dunes, enjoy the 2,000 acres of sand hills and just sit back and relax. Silver Lake Sand Dunes is also the only place in Michigan where visitors can drive on the dunes, either in their own 4-wheel vehicle or on a tour.

Sleeper State Park
Located on Saginaw Bay on Lake Huron, this park is a great destination to enjoy the beautiful shoreline of the lake. The park also has forest, wetlands, sand dunes and more areas for visitors to enjoy. In the warm months visitors can enjoy swimming, and other beach activities on the sandy beaches. In addition visitors can explore the trails within the park, which travel through dune forests and more environments.

Tahquamenon State Park
This state park is home to not one but two stunning and pristine waterfalls. For visitors seeking a little peace in some undisturbed wilderness this is the perfect destination. In addition to the two falls there are 40 miles of hiking trails on which you will find an abundance of wildlife. The park also has 13 inland lakes for visitors to enjoy. The waterfalls are fed by the Tahquamenon River, and 24 miles of the river flow through the Tahquamenon Falls State Park.

Warren Dunes State Park
Located on the shore of Lake Michigan this park has wonderful beaches and excellent sand dunes. The beaches are great for swimming and beach activities. In addition visitors can enjoy exploring the sand dunes, including Tower Hill, which is the highest point in the park. Visitors can even try sandboarding on the parks dunes.

Waterloo Recreation Area
This recreation area is another one of Michigan’s large wilderness parks. Visitors to this park can enjoy lots of recreation while enjoying the beauty of the lower peninsula. Waterloo Recreation Area is a great spot to enjoy fishing, boating, camping and more. The Recreation Area has plenty of camping options including an equestrian campground. Visitors can also enjoy the miles of hiking trails and interpretive nature trails.

Wilderness State Park
Wilderness State Park is located in Northern Michigan and much of the park is designated as a wilderness area. Visitors can explore Waugoshance Point on northern Lake Michigan, and there are four lighthouses that keep ships off of the dangerous features of the point. While exploring this spot visitors can enjoy wildlife watching, the park is home to many animals and birds, including black bear, beaver, muskrats and more.

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