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The Joy of Easter Camping

Easter Camping Ideas

With its bright weather, longer days, and feeling that the world is just waking up, the Easter season is a perfect time to go camping.  You can see the forests coming to life, watch wildlife coming back into the hills, and see plenty of buds and brilliant new-born green leaves.  And because Easter is a holiday weekend, it’s a great time to get away with the family.

If you want to make this Easter special – or just keep up your usual family traditions in a camping environment – do a little planning before you go.  What do you need to take with you to make the holiday everything it can be?  From candy to decorations, you’ll want to bring all the equipment with you.  

Consider the ages in your group when you’re choosing the weekend activities.  If you have little ones, you’ll probably want to do a campground egg hunt or visit a nearby town to take part in a bigger egg hunt. Consider dying your eggs at home and bringing them along in a cooler with ice, or use plastic eggs with candy treasures hidden inside.  

If the kids are old enough to enjoy a hike, consider a twist on the traditional egg hunt.  One adult can hike with the kids while another hurries ahead and either leaves hidden treasures along the trail or hides eggs near the place where you’ll stop for lunch or a trail break.  Hauling Easter baskets on the trail can be cumbersome, so consider giving each child an inexpensive fanny pack that they can store their finds in.

Boating is a great Easter activity.  Not only is the weather warming up in April, but after the long winter it feels especially luxurious to be out on the water in Spring.  Kids love canoeing, playing around in the row boat, or paddle boating.  Just make sure everyone wears a life jacket and that an adult is always nearby to supervise.  

Another important part of Easter is the family meal.  Do a little research in advance to see how you can replicate your family favorites around the campfire.  You may decide to bake a ham in a Dutch oven, brown potatoes in a skillet over the fire, or try something new like a vegetable Easter pizza or lamb pita sandwiches.  

Kids will enjoy wrapping dough around a stick and browning it until cooked through.  Slide the dough (or “dough boy”) off the stick and fill the cavity with butter, jam, or honey.  Mmm!  And of course you’ll want to include camping standards like s’mores and hot dogs.  If you’re willing to eat some of your hard boiled eggs, egg salad sandwiches are great camping lunchtime foods (just remember to keep the eggs in a cooler with ice).

No matter what you choose to do on your camping holiday, keep the basics in mind – have fun and enjoy being in the great outdoors!  The world is newborn in the spring.  It’s a delight to feel the earth warming up under your feet and to feel nature starting to stir.  Take some time during your trip to stand still and soak in the world around you.  And have a very happy Easter.

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