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The Ozarks

The Ozarks

The Ozarks are a region encompassing the southern half of Missouri as well as much of the northern part of Arkansas, a bit of eastern Oklahoma, and a tiny bit of Kansas. This region is both geologically and culturally unique. In the recent past the economy was driven mostly by the mining. Today, the region has a thriving tourist economy which highlights the unique history and culture of the people living in the Ozarks.

In Arkansas there are many different scenic drives, which give visitors a peek into the beauty of the region. Taking some time to explore the waterfalls in the Arkansas Ozarks is a great adventure. Many of the waterfalls require some hiking to see the falls. The waterfalls in Arkansas include Twin Falls, Falling Water Falls, and Lost Valley, all of which are worth the time it takes to seek them out. Remember to bring along a good camera!

The Arkansas Ozarks also have some interesting caves. Some of these caves have guided tours and visitor centers. Caves, like those you can find in Arkansas, have been millions of years in the making, each one a step back in time. Some of the caves include the Blanchard Springs Caverns in the Ozark National Forest, the Mystic Caverns, and the Bull Shoals Caverns. At the Bull Shoals Caverns, you will find a walk-through replica of an 1890 Ozarks village.

In addition to the natural beauty of the waterfalls and caverns, there are plenty of other recreational opportunities in the Ozarks. You will find  opportunities to bike, hike, canoe, horseback ride, bird watch, and rock climb. If you choose to visit in the warm months, the Lakes and rivers in the Ozarks are great places to enjoy water sports and fishing.

Branson, Missouri is a  great place to enjoy live entertainment in the Ozarks. Throughout the year, visitors to Branson will have a range of options for live shows and entertainment. This has given Branson a reputation as the live music show capital of the world.

Throughout the region, you will find plenty of options for entertainment, culture, and recreation. You will also be able to learn about the interesting geography and geology of the region. The fabulous lakes, caverns, and waterfalls are just a part of what makes the Ozarks so very special.

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