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Family Camping | Channel Island Wildlife Rescue

The Channel Islands archipelago is a unique marine habitat. The Channel Islands Marine & Wildlife Institute, also known as CIMWI works to preserve and rescue the marine wildlife and marine . This organization works to rescue, rehabilitate, conduct research and provide education opportunities for the Channel Islands community.

Some of the primary functions of CIMWI is rescue and rehabilitation. CIMWI receives reports of marine animals in distress. The organization then observes these animals and determines what if any action is necessary to take for the health of the animal and the habitat. CIMWI can simply put an animal under observation, protecting it from the intrusion of people, or they can decide that it needs to be rescued immediately.

After an animal has been rescued CIMWI works to rehabilitate the animal so it can be returned to the wild. The rehabilitation efforts of CIMWI include medical care, long term care, observation and a plan for releasing the animal back into an area with as little human contact as possible as well as plenty of wild animals of the same species.

CIMWI does some amazing and important work toward preserving the health of the marine habitat in the Channel Islands. Another one of the types of work that CIMWI does is research. They collect data from living and deceased animals, which can be used to preserve the health of the marine habitat. In addition the Institute also researches how to improve rehabilitation techniques, as well as working to analyze trends in the marine wildlife and habitat. Another of the research tasks that CIMWI conducts is communicating and sharing research with the marine rescue and rehabilitation organizations.

In addition CIMWI has an educational program. These educational efforts include teaching people about how to behave around injured or stranded marine wildlife. CIMWI also has information on specific species and much more.

There are many ways that you can help in the mission of the Channel Islands Marine & Wildlife Institute. You can always make a donation, or an in-kind donation which helps support the activities and facilities of the Institute. In addition you can volunteer. There are many different tasks that CIMWI can use volunteers to help with. These projects include research and data collection in the field, rehabilitation projects, transportation of wildlife, contributing to the education program and much more.

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