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Take Mom Antiquing

One way to have some fun spending time with your mom is to go on an antiquing adventure. No matter where you live or where you decide to travel you will find great places to spend some time exploring antique shops. Not only do you have fun spending time with Mom, but you also get to go shopping, and enjoy history.


Boston, MA

This big city is a wonderful antiquing destination. Visitors in search of the best shops have to walk Charles Street in Beacon Hill, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. Along this stretch visitors will find many unique shops, selling every type of antique imaginable. There are antiques in these shops that span the past history, including furniture and many other items.


Brimfield Antique Show, MA

One of the best events for those that love antiques is to go to a great antique show. The Brimfield Antique Show is one of these great events. Held in the town of Brimfield there are multiple show throughout the year, which feature all types of fun antiques. There are different types of furniture, fun odds and ends and much much more.


Coastal Rhode Island

The coastal towns in Rhode Island are also another fantastic way to enjoy lots of antiquing. Within these towns there are many small towns on the coast that are perfect for spending some time exploring the state’s antiques. Each of these little towns has some antique shops to offer. In addition coastal Rhode Island has resorts, golf courses, delicious dining and lots of shopping on top of the antiques.


Hudson Valley, NY

Visitors to the beautiful Hudson Valley in New York will be delighted with the wide range of villages with antiques, art galleries, farms, wineries and points of historic interest. Antiquing enthusiasts should be sure to stop in Hudson, which is filled with antique shops. Each shop is unique and there are many to explore, so be sure to leave plenty of time during your visit to stop at each shop.


Mount Dora, FL

Mount Dora is known for its excellent opportunities for antique enthusiasts. Visitors at certain times during the year might be lucky enough to enjoy one of the town’s antique shows. Mount Dora also has an excellent Flea Market, as well as a top notch Antique Mall. Throughout the year thousands of people visit Mount Dora to explore the Renninger’s Twin Markets.


New Hope, PA

Located along the Delaware River, New Hope is an antiquing hot spot. There are many wonderful little shops to explore, the town even has a street called Antique Row, which has many shops to explore. Throughout the town there are antique shops, galleries, and places to stop to enjoy a delicious snack too.


Walnut, IA

Walnut is one of Iowa’s greatest destination for antiquing. There are many little shops that feature lots of fun antiques. Throughout the year this antique hot spot features a variety of events, one of these is the Walnut Antique Show held in June. This show has hundreds of dealers feature every type of antique imaginable.


Woodbury, CT

This Connecticut town has a little bit of everything for antique enthusiasts, and it is one of the best antiquing destinations to be found in the state. There are high end dealers and little shops, and many are located in historic homes. Each of these has unique items worth exploring. This town has antiques from around the world, but those that enjoy finding antique furniture will especially love this destination, since the area has some great American furniture options.

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